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Explore a cosmic canvas in Reus 2, shaping worlds and civilizations. Unique blend of exploration, puzzle-solving, and strategy makes it a standout game. Should you play? Definitely!
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Get ready to reign supreme as a god in Reus 2, where you’ll wield unparalleled power over mighty giants, commanding them to shape worlds, create ecosystems, and nurture human civilizations. You’ll discover a roster of six unique giants, each with the ability to control plants, animals, and minerals, allowing you to craft diverse biomes that flourish with life. As you progress, unlock new skills for your giants, granting you a rich palette of choices that influence the fates of these fragile human beings. Terraform sprawling landscapes, carefully balancing flora, fauna, and materials to create thriving ecosystems that cater to the inhabitants’ needs and aspirations. Will you guide humanity towards interstellar exploration, or maybe a utopian haven in harmony with nature? The possibilities are endless. With each playthrough, you’ll leave a lasting legacy in the stars, generating a new, unique planet for endless experimentation. The result is a cosmic canvas where life takes many forms, and your next creation awaits.

Should I play Reus 2 in 2024?

The good

The reviewers praise Reus 2 for its engaging and addictive gameplay, with a large focus on strategy and puzzle-solving. They appreciate the game’s relaxing and thoughtful atmosphere, with charming graphics and a lovely soundtrack. The game’s replayability is also highlighted, with a metaprogression system that unlocks new content and biomes to explore. The developers’ dedication to feedback and criticism is also commended, making the game a joy to play and test.

The bad

There are no major criticisms mentioned in the reviews, so there’s nothing inherently “bad” about the game.


Based on the overwhelmingly positive reviews, I would highly recommend Reus 2 to anyone who enjoys puzzle games, strategy games, or simply relaxing experiences. The game’s unique blend of exploration, puzzle-solving, and strategy makes it a standout title. Don’t be surprised if you, like many of these reviewers, find yourself playing for hours on end and can’t get enough of Reus 2!

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