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Embark on a space construction journey with Dyson Sphere Program, a unique sci-fi sandbox with limitless scope. Build massive industrial empires on spherical planets, automate factories, and battle Dark Fog foes. Should buy? Yes!
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Embark on an epic space construction journey with Dyson Sphere Program, a sci-fi sandbox where players take on the role of a space engineer charged by COSMO to build energy-generating megastructures around stars called Dyson Spheres. These structures power CentreBrain supercomputers that expand virtual worlds’ applications. From humble beginnamoins, players can scale their projects across galaxies using automated factories and conveyor systems. Battle Dark Fog foes while constructing unique Dyson Shells on different orbits around celestial bodies like neutron stars and black holes. Manage resource distribution from multiple planets with customized mecha designs to protect your endeavors in Rise of the Dark Fog. Experience a fresh universe each time you play, where no two starmaps are alike.

Should I play Dyson Sphere Program in 2024?

The good

The general feeling from all reviewers is that Dyson Sphere Program is a unique and magical game that offers a sense of scale and progression like no other automation/factory-building game. The sheer scale of the game, the ability to build on spherical planets, and the sense of accomplishment that comes with building a massive industrial empire are all highlighted as positives. The game is also praised for its polish, with many reviewers mentioning that it feels like a fully fleshed-out game despite being early access.

The bad

The only negative reviews mention performance issues late in the game, even on powerful hardware, and that the game can feel empty or repetitive to some players.


Based on the overwhelmingly positive reviews, I would highly recommend Dyson Sphere Program to anyone who enjoys factory-building, automation, or sci-fi games. The game’s unique features, such as building on spherical planets, offer a fresh take on the genre. While performance issues may be a concern for some players, they are not enough to detract from the overall experience. If you’re looking for a game that will challenge you, offer a sense of accomplishment, and provide hours of entertainment, then Dyson Sphere Program is definitely worth checking out.

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