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Experience the Northgard - Garm, Clan of the Hounds, a new force in the world of Northgard with a unique clan concept and leveling system. Though it has potential, it needs work. Prepare to play once the clan receives updates or buffs. (155 characters)
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In the world of Northgard, a new and feared force has emerged: the Clan of the Hounds. This enigmatic clan, led by the imposing Hvedrung, has mastered the art of harnessing primal power and summoning the spirits of ancient beasts. Their warriors, known as Berserkers, have the ability to tap into the essence of these creatures and transform into fierce, untamed beasts. But it’s not just brute strength that sets them apart – the clan also bends the rules of the afterlife, collecting the essence of Fallen Souls to empower their warriors or even resurrect them for one final battle. With a focus on individual strength and experience-based upgrades, the Clan of the Hounds forges its own path, rejecting traditional notions of power and strategy. As they advance through combat, their Berserkers gain new abilities and powers, allowing them to adapt and evolve in the ever-changing world of Northgard. But beneath the surface, the clan’s leader, Hvedrung, harbors a dark secret that threatens to unravel their very existence. Will the Clan of the Hounds be able to overcome the forces of fate and maintain their dominance, or will the winds of change ultimately extinguish their ferocious fury?

Should I play Northgard - Garm, Clan of the Hounds in 2024?

The good

The Northgard - Garm, Clan of the Hounds has received mostly positive reviews from users. Many players seem to enjoy the unique clan concept, with some even calling it “sick asf”. The clan’s ability to level up military units and grant passive abilities is also praised. The idea of having a clan that plays differently from others in the game is exciting and refreshing.

The bad

Some users have criticized the clan’s early economy, stating that it is weak and requires too many villagers to start clearing tiles. Others have mentioned that the clan’s military units are not strong enough early on, making it difficult to progress in the game. A few reviewers have noted that the clan’s leveling system is confusing, with uneven experience upgrades. Additionally, some have expressed disappointment with the clan’s resource gathering mechanics, stating that they are not useful in the late game.


Based on the user reviews, it seems that the Northgard - Garm, Clan of the Hounds has potential, but it still needs some work to become a top-tier clan. While some players enjoy the unique mechanics and concept, others have noted significant issues with the clan’s economy, military units, and leveling system. Unless the developers address these issues, I would recommend holding off on purchasing the game until the clan receives significant updates or buffs.

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