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Explore the brutal world of Northgard, a Viking strategy game with addictive gameplay, beautiful art, and immersive atmosphere. Worth playing for fans of strategy and Viking lore, but consider monetization model before purchasing
Fan-art of Northgard

In the brutal yet captivating world of Northgard, skilled Viking settlers must establish thriving clans by managing resources, navigating harsh winters and treacherous foes, and conquering the continent to claim prosperity and fame. With a rich narrative, engaging multiplayer modes, and endless ways to achieve victory, Northgard offers a depth and breadth of gameplay that will challenge and thrill even the most seasoned gam ers.

Should I play Northgard in 2024?

The good

Northgard is a strategy game that stands out from the crowd with its unique gameplay mechanics, beautiful hand-drawn art style, and immersive atmosphere. The game is full of positive reviews from players who enjoy the game’s addictive gameplay, challenging campaigns, and diverse multiplayer modes.

The bad

Some players have issues with the game’s forced racing philosophy, which prioritizes speed over strategy. Others are disappointed by the lack of a robust single-player campaign and the fact that some features are available only through DLC. Additionally, the game’s monetization model has been criticized for being overly lucrative, with players being forced to purchase separate clans and achievements.


Should you still buy or play Northgard in 2024? If you’re a fan of strategy games or Viking lore, Northgard is definitely worth checking out. However, if you’re sensitive to monetization models and prefer a more relaxed gaming experience, you may want to reconsider. The good news is that the game has received many updates and patches since its release, which have improved the multiplayer experience and fixed some of the game’s earlier issues. With some patience and flexibility, Northgard can be a fun and engaging game that offers a unique gaming experience.

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