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Experience World War II's Eastern Front in this immersive RTS, with realistic environments and detailed mechanics, but be aware of poor AI, UI issues and bugs. Should you play it?
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In the midst of World War II’s tumultuous Eastern Front, Call to Arms - Gates of Hell: Ostfront transports players to the trenches of history, where they’ll command armies, craft strategies, and relive the brutal conflict between the USSR and Germany. With a rich tapestry of game modes, this real-time strategy titan offers breathtaking depth and versatility. Embark on a solo journey through meticulously rendered historical missions, collaborate with friends in cooperative campaigns, or clash in intense 1v1 to 4v4 battles with fellow players. As armies converge on the battlefield, players can develop unique armies, research unit upgrades, and employ cunning tactics to outmaneuver foes. The immersive experience is bolstered by stunning visuals, authentic sound design, and a robust in-game editor that empowers modders to unleash their creativity. With hundreds of vehicles, heavy weapons, and game-changing mechanics at their disposal, players will be hard-pressed to find a more authentic and intense WWII RTS experience.

Should I play Call to Arms - Gates of Hell: Ostfront in 2024?

The good

The majority of the reviews praise the game’s realism, attention to detail, and depth in its mechanics. Some reviewers mention that it’s a great game with well-designed missions and a realistic environment. One reviewer even mentions that it’s the best military RTS they’ve played so far.

The bad

Many reviews criticize the game’s poor AI, pathfinding issues, and unclear vision system. Some reviewers mention that the game’s UI is user-unfriendly, and the music and voice lines are generic and annoying. One reviewer cites constant performance drops and network issues in multiplayer mode. Another reviewer mentions that the enemy AI is weak and doesn’t coordinate attacks well.


Despite its numerous flaws, some reviewers still manage to find enjoyment in the game, particularly in multiplayer mode. However, it’s clear that the game falls short in many areas, particularly in terms of AI and game design. If you’re looking for a realistic World War II RTS, you might enjoy “Call to Arms: Gates of Hell” for its attention to detail and realistic environment. However, you should be aware of the game’s numerous issues and bugs. As such, I would advise waiting for a significant patch or update before diving in.

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