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Experience the action-packed First-Person Shooter game, Pistol Whip, with dynamic soundtracks, mesmerizing visuals, and simple yet challenging gameplay. With a Very Positive review sentiment, it's a must-play for VR enthusiasts.
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Recognized as the Virtual Reality Game of the Year at the 2020 DICE Awards, this action-packed First-Person Shooter is powered by dynamic soundtracks, mesmerizing visuals, and a gunplay that’s simple to pick up but challenging to perfect. Drawing influence from renowned action films, the intensity of the game’s music is matched only by the player’s determination. Whether you’re aiming to dominate the leaderboards, finding your own rhythm, or becoming a dual-wielding marksman, the game offers a plethora of possibilities.

Immerse yourself in a rhythmic action experience as you navigate through various Scenes, accumulating points and becoming an unstoppable force. You’re the main character, taking on special Scenes inspired by famous movies and emerging as a legendary sharpshooter. The game offers unlimited additional content with remixed Scenes created by the modding community, accessible directly in-game.

The game’s customization options are extensive. With the Styles system, you can modify core mechanics to suit your exact needs, turning the game into a part of your fitness regimen or adjusting your equipment to meet your accessibility requirements. The game offers countless ways to play, with over 35 unique Scenes, daily Contracts challenges, and regular major content updates.

Experience cinematic campaigns like the western-themed ‘Smoke & Thunder’, or tackle a vibrant robot uprising in ‘2089’. Surrender to vivid dreamscapes, glimmering nightmares, and pulsating cityscapes, then fight your way back to reality. The soundtrack, featuring the desert rock of Devora and the pounding basslines of Apashe, will make you feel invincible.

Explore the ever-expanding library of explosive Scenes created by the Pistol Whip modding community, available directly in-game under the Remixes tab!

Pistol Mix, the official modding tool, empowers modders of all skill levels to create custom Remixes of Pistol Whip Scenes. Download the tool, place enemies, obstacles, props and more to create a Remixed Scene. Share your work-in-progress on Discord to involve playtesters, and upload your Remix to Mod io to share it with players.

For any issues encountered with Pistol Whip, players are encouraged to promptly contact the support team by submitting a ticket on the Help Desk.

Should I play Pistol Whip in 2024?

The good

It seems like the overwhelming consensus among reviewers is that Pistol Whip is an “incredible” game, with many praising the continuous updates and additions, including new levels. It’s clear that the game’s community is very active and enthusiastic about the game’s development.

The bad

Unfortunately, there isn’t much criticism or negative feedback in the reviews provided. It seems that Pistol Whip has skirted around being too short or lacking in content, earning it widespread approval.


In 2024, I’d still enthusiastically recommend Pistol Whip to VR enthusiasts. With a Very Positive review sentiment and no major drawbacks, it’s clearly a standout title in its genre. Don’t be surprised if the game continues to receive updates and new content, keeping players engaged and excited. The fact that players are actively contributing feedback and suggestions is a testament to the game’s dedication to community involvement. With its addictive gameplay and active development team, Pistol Whip is an absolute must-play for fans of VR action games.

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