Beat Saber - Buyer's Guide

Experience the thrilling rhythm game, Beat Saber, with unique gameplay and stunning visuals. A great workout and addictive fun await in VR. Limited content, but vast modding community.
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Step into the futuristic world of Beat Saber, where handcrafted levels and pulsing music come together in a thrilling rhythm experience. With dual sabers in hand, slash and swing to the beat as flying notes zip by, with each strike indicating the saber and direction needed. With its unique gameplay and sleek visuals, Beat Saber transforms you into a dancing superhero. Join the action in multiplayer mode, tackle challenging objectives in the campaign, and rise through the global leaderboards. Easy to learn, yet addictive and fun to master, Beat Saber is the perfect combo of exercise and entertainment.

Should I play Beat Saber in 2024?

The Good

Beat Saber has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from gamers. Many reviewers have praised the game’s unique and engaging gameplay, its ability to provide a great workout, and its addictive nature. The game’s soundtracks and graphics have also received praise. The game has been commended for its ability to appeal to people of all ages and skill levels.

The Bad

Some reviewers have criticized the game’s limited content without mods. The base game has been described as feeling bare-bones, with a limited number of songs and stages. The game’s lack of consistent updates has also been criticized, with some buyers feeling ripped off by the game’s poor value.


Despite its limitations, Beat Saber is still a great game that deserves your attention. The game’s unique gameplay and ability to provide a great workout make it an excellent choice for anyone looking for a fun and engaging VR experience. While the base game may feel limited, the vast modding community and vast libraries of custom songs make Beat Saber a game that can keep you entertained for hundreds of hours. If you’re willing to dive into the modding community, you’ll find a game that offers endless entertainment. If you’re new to VR gaming, Beat Saber is a great starting point, and its affordability and portability make it an excellent choice.

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Screenshot of Beat Saber

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