Northgard - Cross of Vidar Expansion Pack - Buyer's Guide

Explore a new campaign in the Northgard universe with the Cross of Vidar expansion pack, featuring a new clan and unique story, but with some mediocre and frustrating gameplay mechanics.
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‘Cross of Vidar’ immerses players in a captivating new campaign within the world of ‘Northgard’. This expansion pack introduces an entirely fresh civilization - The Southern Kingdoms, and with it, a unique clan: The Lion Clan. As King Rig unites all factions against impending doom known as Ragnarök, their faith begins to wane. A daunting journey lies ahead for them in Neustria, the realm of the Southern Kingdoms.

Should I play Northgard - Cross of Vidar Expansion Pack in 2024?

The good

It’s great to see that the game still has a strong fan base, and the reviewer who expressed enthusiasm for the game would likely appreciate more content in the same vein. The idea behind the “non-typical” missions, although flawed, shows that the developers are willing to experiment and try new things.

The bad

The main criticism revolves around the new missions being mediocre or even exceptionally bad, with some frustrating gameplay mechanics, such as random boss attacks, which can be tedious. The lack of proper objectives until after completing a mission and the requirement to choose between two bonus war chiefs seems like a lazy attempt at padding the content.


While this expansion pack may not live up to the standards set by the main game, it’s still worth considering if you’re a die-hard fan of the series. However, if you’re new to Northgard or haven’t played the original game, you might want to start with the base game before diving into this expansion. As the saying goes, “you can’t judge a book by its cover” - this expansion pack might be a disappointment, but the game itself is still worthy of your attention.

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