I Fetch Rocks - Buyer's Guide

Explore asteroid mining facility, customize Asteroid Hauler controls, and navigate hazards. Despite minor controls issues, overall positive reviews and community innovation make it a great play. MAX 155-160 characters
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Set in the year 2150, you find yourself employed at a bustling mining facility nestled in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Your task? Navigate the treacherous terrain using your Asteroid Hauler to identify and transport mineral-rich asteroids back to base for processing. The game gives you the freedom to customize your ship’s controls and operations, utilizing a player-modifiable node-based system. You have the liberty to reposition, alter, or remove controls to make the ship truly your own. All components can be interconnected via red cables for power distribution and green cables for data flow, enabling you to wire the ship according to your preference. Whether you want to rely solely on proximity sensors or use pre-fitted ships, the choice is yours. However, the game isn’t all smooth sailing. The hazardous asteroid belt with its radiation and cosmic rays will relentlessly wear down your ship’s components. As your tenure progresses, you’ll need to understand the workings of all ship systems to rearrange, rewire, and reprogram them amidst failures. Your survival and successful delivery of payloads to the primary mining facility will hinge on your inventive engineering skills.

Should I play I Fetch Rocks in 2024?

The Good

It seems that the game “I Fetch Rocks” has overall positive reviews. One reviewer has even shared a personal anecdote about reworking the flight controls to improve their experience. This willingness to innovate and make adjustments speaks volumes about the community around this game.

The Bad

Unfortunately, the standard flight controls were deemed “suck” by one reviewer. This might be a minor issue that prevent some players from fully enjoying the game.


So, should you still buy or play “I Fetch Rocks” in 2024? Despite the minor controls issue, the overall positive sentiment and the community’s eagerness to improve the game make me say yes! With a bit of creative problem-solving, you might just find yourself enjoying this game. So, gather your rocks and take to the skies!

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