Hotel R'n'R - Buyer's Guide

Experience the anarchic VR game Hotel R'n'R, where you sign a pact with The Devil to cause maximum havoc in hotels. With 36 weapons and physics-based demos, it's a fun game worth playing in 2024.
Fan-art of Hotel R'n'R

Unleash your inner rockstar in the anarchic VR game, Hotel R’n’R. This simulator invites players to engage in a wild ride of rockstar debauchery, where you sign a pact with The Devil and embark on a mission to cause maximum havoc in a series of hotels. With a whopping arsenal of 36 weapons at your disposal, you’ll have to outsmart hotel staff and overcome your own physical limitations. The game offers a unique physics-based demolition playground in each hotel, allowing players to strategize before setting off a chain of explosive events. Hotel R’n’R also offers a Party Setlists mode for group play and a Sandbox mode for leisurely experimentation. Not just about chaos, the game is a satirical take on the journey of selling your soul and the ensuing attempts to reclaim it. The World Tour mode expands across six uniquely challenging hotel suites, while the game also features a cast of fully voiced, humorously sarcastic characters, a range of customization options for your player character, and an original soundtrack by real-life failed musicians. Ready to rock? All it takes is your signature.

Should I play Hotel R’n’R in 2024?

The good

Many reviewers have praised Hotel R’n’R as a “fun” game, with one reviewer calling it “one of the best VR games I’ve played”. It seems that the game has hit the right notes with its gameplay and overall experience.

The bad

Unfortunately, there isn’t much to speak of in the “bad” department, as the overall sentiment is overwhelmingly positive.


In 2024, it’s still worth checking out Hotel R’n’R, especially if you’re a fan of VR gaming. The game’s ability to bring fun and excitement to the table has stood the test of time. While it may not have been as prominently featured in recent gaming circles, its enthusiastic fanbase and positive reviews suggest that it’s still a great option for those looking to rev up their VR gaming experience. So, don’t be afraid to book a room at Hotel R’n’R – you might just find yourself checking out of reality for a while!

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