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Immerse yourself in underwater combat with Hellsweeper VR, a fast-paced first-person game that offers engaging gameplay, customization options, and a rich world to explore. A must-play for VR enthusiasts, but be aware of minor issues and specific controller requirements. MAX 155 characters
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From the creators of Sairento VR comes Hellsweeper VR, a first-person combat game that plunges you into the depths of the underworld. Navigate through hellish realms, employ lethal weaponry with pinpoint accuracy, manipulate telekinetic forces, and summon mystical powers to obliterate your grotesque foes. Reap rewards, enhance your abilities, and dictate your destiny as you explore diverse combat styles and understand the true essence of a Hellsweeper. The game offers a daring locomotion system that challenges even the most courageous VR players. Master various weapon and magic combinations, and survive in multiple single and two-player cooperative modes. The game features 18 unique maps, over 10 types of enemies with elemental variations, and a plethora of mission types, ensuring a distinct gameplay experience with each attempt. Stay tuned to our Discord channel or Twitter for the latest updates!

Should I play Hellsweeper VR in 2024?

The good

Hellsweeper VR has garnered an overall very positive reception, indicating that many players find it to be an enjoyable and engaging experience. Enthusiasts appreciate its immersive gameplay, compelling mechanics, and the innovative use of VR technology to deliver an intense, action-packed adventure. The title’s unique elements seem to resonate well, creating a substantial fan base that enjoys what it brings to the VR gaming world.

The bad

Some users have experienced significant technical issues, particularly when using a Quest 2 through Link. Reports of infinite black screens, game crashes, and severe lag during gameplay suggest that there are compatibility or performance issues that need addressing. These problems can be particularly frustrating for players who expect a seamless experience, especially considering the advancing state of VR technology.


Should you still buy or play Hellsweeper VR in 2024? Absolutely! 🎮 The general sentiment around Hellsweeper VR is very positive, indicating that for most players, it’s a thrilling and enjoyable title that makes excellent use of VR capabilities. The technical issues, while notable, seem to be more of an exception than a rule. Keep in mind that patches and updates are likely to resolve these performance issues over time. If you have a capable VR setup and enjoy immersive, action-packed experiences, Hellsweeper VR is certainly worth diving into. 🌟

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