BIG SHOTS - Buyer's Guide

Explore a catastrophic alien invasion as a rookie recruit for the BIG SHOTS Initiative, battling extraterrestrial forces in solo or co-op play. Prepare for a wave shooter with innovative movement and upgrade systems. MAX 155-160 characters
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In the midst of a catastrophic alien invasion caused by a disastrous experiment, you step into the shoes of a rookie recruit for Price Inc.’s BIG SHOTS Initiative, tasked with eliminating the alien menace. As a Big Shot, you will journey into the heart of the infestation, evolving your mech and escalating your firepower in your quest to restore order.

You can face the alien horde alone or join forces with a fellow Big Shot. In team play, cooperation is crucial to fend off the extraterrestrial onslaught and accomplish your mission. With cross-platform compatibility, you can join forces with friends irrespective of their gaming platform.

Your mech, initially modest, can be upgraded over time, morphing into the ultimate alien-annihilating machine. Experiment with different upgrade combinations and strategies, or invest in permanent upgrades at the hangar shop to diversify your arsenal.

BIG SHOTS® reinvents the wave shooter and roguelite genre for virtual reality, featuring an innovative movement system that allows you to navigate the battlefield freely and fluidly. Gone are the days of standing in one spot or teleporting around the map - now, unlimited mobility and tactical opportunities are at your fingertips.

Should I play BIG SHOTS in 2024?

The good

Opinions are mixed, but overall, gamers seem to enjoy the game’s concept, visuals, and fun gameplay once they get used to the controls.

The bad

The game is plagued by bugs, crashes, and poor sound design, which can greatly impact the player’s experience.


It looks like BIG SHOTS has some major kinks to work out before it can truly shine. While the game has its redeeming qualities, the sheer number of bugs and poor sound design might render it unplayable for many. That being said, if you’re a glutton for punishment or a hardcore gamer looking for a challenge, you might be able to overlook these issues and enjoy the game. However, for the average player, I wouldn’t recommend diving into BIG SHOTS just yet. Maybe wait for a patch or two to iron out the wrinkles before giving it another try. As of now, I’d say BIG SHOTS is a “maybe” rather than a definite “buy.”

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