AMID EVIL VR - Buyer's Guide

Relive the nostalgia of vintage shooters in AMID EVIL VR, a VR-exclusive game with 8-hour campaign, unique settings, and epic soundtrack. Some minor tech issues, but tweaks can improve performance. 90% worth playing!
Fan-art of AMID EVIL VR

Experience a vintage-inspired first-person shooter like never before, entirely reconstructed for virtual reality! You were once deemed a heretic, but now destiny has chosen you as our hero. Your mission is to retrieve our holy armaments and retake our ancestral territories in the immersive game, AMID EVIL.

The game is divided into SEVEN diverse episodes, each with its unique settings and adversaries. It boasts an extensive EIGHT-HOUR CAMPAIGN spread across TWENTY-ONE levels and punctuated by SEVEN HIGH-STAKES BOSS FIGHTS. Wield fantastical weaponry that can be supercharged with the spirits of the deceased and used ambidextrously. You can choose to hack demons into chunks or blast them into oblivion with an array of weapons, including a PLANET LAUNCHER.

Face brutal and adaptable enemy AI that will pursue you relentlessly on land, sea, and air. Navigate through vast non-linear levels laden with secrets and ancient narratives. The game offers a plethora of comfort options and cheat codes for a truly unforgettable experience. The game features an EPIC original & dynamic soundtrack composed by Andrew Hulshult and is BUILT in Unreal Engine 4 for top-notch visuals, albeit with a nostalgic touch. This isn’t just a hasty VR adaptation of AMID EVIL; it’s the genuine article.

Should I play AMID EVIL VR in 2024?

The good

AMID EVIL VR has received rave reviews for its engaging gameplay, reminiscent of old-school games like Turok. The game feels good to play in VR, with many praising its unique feel. The majority of players have enjoyed their experience, citing the game’s excellent gunplay and nostalgic value.

The bad

Unfortunately, the game has some technical issues. Some users experienced performance issues, with one reviewer experiencing 10 FPS on a ship. Another reviewer reported motion sickness when playing underwater, although this may be due to a specific effect rather than a general issue with the game.


So, is it worth playing AMID EVIL VR in 2024? Absolutely! If you’re a VR enthusiast, you’ll love the unique feel and nostalgic value. Just be aware of a few minor technical issues. If you’re particularly sensitive to motion sickness, you may want to approach with caution. However, with a simple tweak to the game’s settings (add FrameRateLimit=90 to the ini file), you can expect a smooth and enjoyable experience. Just don’t forget to take a break from those underwater levels!

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