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Immerse yourself in Pixel Ripped 1978, an Atari VR experience with nostalgic value, quirky charm, and retro gameplay. This unique game is a must-play for retro gaming fans. Try it out and give it a second chance, it's worth it!
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Pixel Ripped 1978: An Atari Adventure, awarded the Best Meta Quest VR Game at the NYX Game Awards 2023, is a virtual reality experience that transports players back to the golden era of ATARI. The game takes you on a whimsical time-travel adventure where you step into the shoes of an ATARI programmer, diving into the game world to thwart a villain’s plot to alter history. The gameplay is rich with first-person shooter puzzles, power-ups, and fully explorable real and gaming worlds. The narrative is dense with lore, complemented by a retro 70s soundtrack and numerous hidden easter eggs. The game pays homage to ATARI classics such as Millipede, Yars Revenge, and more. So, strap on your VR headset and immerse yourself in this nostalgic, fun-filled journey.

Should I play Pixel Ripped 1978: An Atari Adventure in 2024?

The good

The majority of reviewers have praised Pixel Ripped 1978: An Atari Adventure for its innovative meta-elements, where the real and virtual worlds merge seamlessly. Players enjoyed the nostalgic and immersive experience, emphasizing the office environment accuracy, the exploration of the 3D virtual world, and the new mechanics that set it apart from previous entries in the series. The first-person movement and the integration of color laser indicators in the gloves were also specifically highlighted as awesome additions. Fans of the series appreciated the continued high quality of the core experience and the game’s fidelity to the original Atari atmosphere.

The bad

A notable issue is the game’s compatibility with certain VR headsets. Several users pointed out that the game does not work well with HTC Vive controllers, and there seems to be a lack of support from developers to address this problem. Additionally, some players encountered frustrating bugs, such as accidental crashes and input issues with the analog stick and physical interactions in the game. There were also complaints about poorly designed boss fights that felt outdated and tedious to some players.


Despite a few technical hiccups and compatibility issues with certain VR systems, Pixel Ripped 1978: An Atari Adventure delivers a compelling and nostalgic VR experience that fans of the series and retro gamers will likely enjoy. If you have a compatible VR headset, especially a Reverb G2 or Quest 2, and you’re ready for some innovative gameplay with a dash of 70s and 80s nostalgia, this game is a delightful adventure worth diving into. 🕹️👾✨

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