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Experience intense zombie shooters and survival-horror gameplay in Death Horizon: Reloaded, with a focus on atmosphere, variety of weapons, and challenging gameplay.
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The Horizon scientific research facility, initially serene, is now overrun by hordes of undead. The survival of the world rests on your ability to outwit, outgun, and outlast these gruesome foes in this action-packed game. It boasts a comprehensive campaign mode, cooperative multiplayer for two, and eight unique challenges that can be tackled alone or with a partner. The game offers a wide array of firearms and melee weapons, and has been constantly updated and improved over the past three years. To prevail, you’ll need to be relentless, resourceful, and accurate. Use everything at your disposal, from bullets to random objects, to keep the undead at bay. The Horizon’s undead residents will punish the slightest hesitation. With two active controllers, you can shoot while swinging on ropes, reload your shotgun single-handedly, and navigate the station’s most elusive corners. The game offers non-stop action filled with gunfire, enemies, and bloodshed. Enjoy the campaign mode solo or with friends for an even more thrilling experience. Choose from over 15 melee weapons to obliterate your foes, and decide between manual or automatic reloading. Upgrade your weapons for increased power and diversity. Search every corner of the Horizon station for hidden collectibles. The Challenges Mode offers an additional eight game modes for solo or cooperative gameplay.

Should I play Death Horizon: Reloaded in 2024?

The good

The good comments on Death Horizon: Reloaded suggest that it’s a fun and challenging game, with many players enjoying the variety of weapons, melee combat, and co-op mode. The game’s atmosphere and tension-building are also praised, making it a great choice for fans of horror and survival-horror games.

The graphics, sound, and overall polish of the game are also commended, with some players noting improvements in these areas compared to earlier versions of the game.

The bad

Unfortunately, there are some criticisms to note. Some players were frustrated with the melee combat, citing issues with weapons disappearing or becoming stuck in the environment. Others have reported bugs, such as teleportation problems or issues with checkpoints.

Some players were also disappointed by the game’s lack of content, feeling that the game’s difficulty curve was too gradual or that there wasn’t enough variety in level design.


Based on the reviews, it seems that Death Horizon: Reloaded is a solid choice for fans of zombie shooters and survival-horror games. While it’s not perfect, the game’s immersive atmosphere, variety of weapons, and challenging gameplay are notable strengths.

For those who are willing to forgive some minor technical issues and frustrations, Death Horizon: Reloaded is a fun and engaging game that’s worth checking out.

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