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Experience the Wild West in a VR zombie shooter. Join forces with friends in multiplayer and explore the rugged landscapes of late 19th century Montana. Worth playing for die-hard fans, but hold off for others. MAX 155-160 characters
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Step into the immersive world of Private Property, a thrilling VR zombie shooter set in the rugged landscapes of late 19th century Montana. This game offers a multitude of heart-pounding hours as you ward off relentless zombies intent on wreaking havoc. Your arsenal? A diverse range of firearms to blow the undead to smithereens, including a handy grenade launcher. There’s even a hidden Gatling gun somewhere on the map for the taking. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is your typical fright-night zombie game, though. The vibe is surprisingly light-hearted, and the zombies pose no immediate threat - unless they start tossing dynamite your way. The real challenge lies in the escalating onslaught of zombies that sprint towards your buildings, hurling objects and spawning larger, tougher creatures. It’s a thrilling test of your defensive skills. But fear not, you’re not alone in this battle. Join forces with players worldwide in an online multiplayer mode, strategizing and coordinating your efforts to keep the zombie horde at bay.

Should I play Private Property in 2024?

The good

Reviewers have noted several highlights in “Private Property”:

  • The Wild West setting and 19th-century weapon handling are unique and enjoyable.
  • The core gameplay is fun, especially with the inclusion of interesting firearms like the 50-caliber Gatling cannon.
  • Overall, players are satisfied with the game, finding it to be a fun new variant of “Elven Assassins.”
  • The co-op mode adds a layer of enjoyment, particularly when played with friends.
  • Visuals and gameplay mechanics, while not flawless, have potential and are generally well-received.

The bad

There are a few common complaints:

  • Limited content with only four maps available, affecting replayability.
  • Prices for in-game cosmetic items are extremely high, making progression feel grindy.
  • Several technical issues, such as suboptimal gun-switching mechanics and teleportation controls.
  • One review highlights a significant issue with controller support, notably with Oculus.


Should you still buy or play “Private Property” in 2024?

Despite its flaws, “Private Property” brings a refreshing Wild West twist to a familiar gameplay structure. The unique weaponry and setting create an engaging experience, especially if you’re a fan of co-op games. However, the limited content and pricey unlockables mean you might want to consider this purchase with caution if you’re after a game with more depth and replayability right out of the box.

If the developers address these issues and add more content, this game could become a must-play. For now, it’s a fun ride for those interested but be prepared for some grinding and growing pains. 🌵🤠

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