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Step into 'Unnatural Disaster,' a unique city-builder where you play as Mother Nature, using natural calamities to reclaim land from urban development. A must-try for 2024!
Fan-art of Unnatural Disaster

Step into a radically different city-building experience where you play as Mother Nature herself, fighting against rampant urban development. In ‘Unnatural Disaster,’ wield an array of natural calamities to reduce towering skyscrapers to rubble and reforest the land. Upgrade your abilities to tackle increasingly fortified cities, navigating defenses like meteor shields and water tankers. Traverse five unique regions, each with handcrafted stages and epic battles against iconic real-world cities. Adapt your strategy to overcome dynamic city expansions and defenses, using the environment to amplify your destructive power. Dive into Arcade Mode for spectacular setpiece disasters, or unleash your creativity in Sandbox Mode. For endless replayability, test your skills against procedurally-generated cities in the Daily Challenge. You’re not just building a city – you’re reclaiming nature’s dominance.

Should I play Unnatural Disaster in 2024?

The good

“Unnatural Disaster” presents a highly engaging and creative concept where players get to unleash chaos via various natural disasters. Reviews highlight the numerous features, such as Strategy Levels, Arcade Mode, and Daily Challenges, which keep the gameplay interesting and diverse. The Sandbox mode, a fan favorite, offers endless destructive fun and customization options. Players appreciate the quirky elements like news reports and weather channel menus that add a unique flair to the game. The game is actively being worked on, with regular updates addressing player concerns and adding new features.

The bad

Despite the overall positive sentiment, some players feel the game could use more polish. Early access issues include inconvenient level difficulties, overly simplistic graphics, and functional bugs like the blue screen in Sandbox mode. Some players also noted that the gameplay can feel too simplistic or the playing field too small, which might not satisfy those seeking a more complex or visually sophisticated experience.


“Unnatural Disaster” is a chaotic and quirky sandbox of destruction that has captured the hearts of many players, despite its rough edges. With its unique concept, continuous updates, and variety of gameplay modes, the game is already a solid pick for fans of strategic destruction. If you enjoy games like “Cities: Skylines” but secretly wish you could occasionally release an apocalyptic event on your meticulously built metropolis, this game is for you. Given the frequent updates and promising future, it’s definitely worth a spin in 2024, especially if you can snag it on sale. Unleash your inner disaster-maker and embrace the chaos!

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