TerraScape - Buyer's Guide

Build your kingdom in TerraScape, a serene blend of city-building and puzzle-solving. Gorgeous visuals and engaging gameplay make it a must-play!
Fan-art of TerraScape

Embark on a serene journey to build your own majestic Kingdom in TerraScape, a unique blend of City Builder and Puzzle Game. With no time pressure, strategically place buildings to unlock more structures and upgrades, all while navigating positive and negative influences. Watch your kingdom evolve from a small hamlet to a bustling metropolis against the backdrop of beautifully designed landscapes and a soothing soundtrack. Delve into merging buildings to create impressive complexes and discover over a dozen Merged Buildings for bonus points and special effects. Challenge friends in multiplayer modes, compete for highscores, and explore different game modes like Kingdom Mode, Scenarios, Puzzle Terras, and more. TerraScape offers a peaceful and atmospheric gameplay experience, focusing on creativity and strategic planning rather than resource management or combat. Join the Early Access journey and share your feedback to help shape this cozy city puzzler vibe.

Should I play TerraScape in 2024?

The good

  • High Praise from Similar Game Fans: If you’re a fan of puzzle-centric city-builders like Panorama and Dorfromantik, you’re in for a treat—reviewers highly recommend TerraScape as a worthy addition to the genre.

  • A Labor of Love: The game is noted for its attention to detail and the evident passion behind its creation, making it feel special and well-crafted.

  • Engaging Gameplay: Players love the blend of puzzle-solving and city-building, particularly the satisfaction of watching cities grow and scores climb through careful planning and combos.

  • Visually Pleasing: Even those who were too relaxed to fully grasp the gameplay still appreciated the beautiful maps and visuals.

The bad

Honestly, reviewers haven’t mentioned much in the way of downside, save for one player’s humorous admission that they were too high to understand the game fully. It seems TerraScape might benefit from a clear tutorial for those who, ahem, might need it.


Should you still buy or play TerraScape in 2024? Absolutely! If you’re into city-building puzzles and enjoyed games like Dorfromantik, TerraScape is a must-have. It’s a visually stunning, lovingly crafted game that offers the joy of strategic planning and city-building without overwhelming complexity. So gear up to see those scores skyrocket and immerse yourself in this gem of a game!

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In-game Screenshot

Screenshot of TerraScape

Top image is not real in-game screenshots. Fan-art made by Gamer.se. Some game metadata is coming from RAWG