Stellar Settlers: Space Base Builder - Buyer's Guide

Embark on a cosmic adventure in Stellar Settlers, a space base builder on hostile alien planets. Ideal for fans of unique city builders, but expect some performance issues in early access. Wishlist on Steam now!
Fan-art of Stellar Settlers: Space Base Builder

Embark on a thrilling cosmic adventure in Stellar Settlers, a space base/city builder and colony simulation game where you must build and manage a thriving colony on hostile alien planets. Each planet presents unique challenges, from procedurally generated environments to special events and building pods. Strategize your base layout with vertical and horizontal connections, mine resources, and carefully select talented Settlers to ensure your colony’s success. As you progress through 5 initially hostile planets (with more to come), adapt your playstyle and eventually construct a physics-based spaceship to escape to new worlds. Manage your resources wisely, unlock new settlers with different perks, and expand your empire to conquer the mysteries of uncharted space. Wishlist now on Steam to experience the excitement of interstellar colonization!

Should I play Stellar Settlers: Space Base Builder in 2024?

The good

  • Some users find the concept and charm of the game compelling. The game’s foundation has the potential for a captivating casual puzzle sandbox, suggesting a bright future if improvements are made.
  • For those willing to push through initial frustrations, there seem to be enjoyable moments, indicating underlying fun gameplay mechanics.

The bad

  • Progression barriers: Players must complete certain levels on “normal” to unlock sandbox mode and events, which can be a barrier.
  • User experience issues: Inability to start a new game from the main menu and occasional game crashes ruin the immersion.
  • Poor tutorial: The initial tutorial fails to engage players effectively.
  • Bugs: Various technical issues such as settlers disappearing upon reloading saved games and hauler bots ceasing to function detract from the experience.


Should you still buy or play this game in 2024? Based on the reviews, it’s clear that Stellar Settlers: Space Base Builder has some serious growing pains to address before it can justify a spot in your game library. The charming aspects and underlying potential might captivate a few dedicated fans, but the current state of bugs, frustrating progression, and an uninspiring tutorial make it hard to recommend at full price. Keep an eye on future updates – this little gem might just polish up beautifully.🚀✨

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Screenshot of Stellar Settlers: Space Base Builder

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