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Influencing medieval life, build a thriving city in Manor Lords, balancing resources and war. 154 characters
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In Manor Lords, ascend to medieval lordship, guiding your humble village to prosperity amidst the backdrop of 14th-century Franconia. Manage resources, conquer new lands, and build a thriving city, all while navigating the trials of medieval life, from seasonal demands to the devastating cost of war.

Should I play Manor Lords in 2024?

The good

Players praise Manor Lords for its engaging gameplay, detailed mechanics, and the potential it holds for future updates. The game’s city-building aspects, along with the first-person view, have been particularly well-received. Despite some bugs and limited content, players are enjoying their time in this medieval world.

The bad

Some players mentioned struggling with understanding the game mechanics, especially in relation to managing resources, trading, and combat. Additionally, there were comments about feeling underprepared for raids and battles, leading to frustration and early abandonment of saves.


In 2024, Manor Lords shines brightly as a promising city-building game despite being crafted by a solo developer. With its intricate systems, immersive first-person view, and the potential for updates to enrich the gameplay further, Manor Lords is a worthy addition to any city-building enthusiast’s library. While there are areas for improvement, such as providing more guidance for new players and balancing early-game challenges, the overall experience seems to outweigh the initial hurdles. Step into the medieval world of Manor Lords, embrace the challenges, and watch your settlement flourish under your strategic vision.

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