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Strategy game 'Infection Free Zone' lets you rebuild society after a pandemic. Explore real-world locations, scavenge resources, and fight off hordes of infected. But be warned, the game is plagued by crashes, imbalances, and poor AI, making it best to approach with caution.
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In the aftermath of a global pandemic, ‘The Mad Virus’ has wiped out society. A few survivors remain, and it’s up to them to rebuild. Choose any real-world location, and start playing. Establish a ‘Infection Free Zone’, setting up shelters, farms, and defenses. Scavenge for resources, fending off hordes of infected at night. Negotiate with other surviving groups, or prepare for battles. The fate of humanity hangs in the balance - will you find a cure, or simply struggle to survive?

Should I play Infection Free Zone in 2024?

The good

From the positive feedback, it’s clear Infection Free Zone has successfully engaged players with its unique mix of zombie survival, base-building, and strategic management. Users appreciate the thrill of looting for crucial resources and managing the safety and morale of their zones, creating a compelling sense of purpose and urgency. The game’s addictiveness shines through the necessity to balance defense strategies, with one user mentioning the fun complexity of setting up double walls and strategically placing watchtowers. Moreover, fans of JUTSU Games note the familiar and enjoyable art style and management mechanics, making it a hit for those who enjoyed the developer’s previous titles.

The bad

However, it’s not all roses and daisies. Players have pointed out several issues, mainly concerning the game’s balance and quality of life features. Complaints include the rapid progression of zombie hordes that quickly render defenses ineffective, frustrating AI behavior, and a lack of meaningful automation which makes managing large-scale operations cumbersome. There are also concerns about the high cost of the game given its early access status, and a few users feel it becomes unplayable after a few enjoyable initial hours. Lastly, the UI and some game mechanics, like squad management and resource handling, could use significant improvements.


If you’re a fan of survival and strategy games and can appreciate the charm of an evolving early access title, Infection Free Zone might just become one of your favorites too. The game’s blend of zombie chaos, strategic base building, and resource management is both thrilling and addictive, despite a few rough edges. 🧟‍♂️🏘️

But, if you’re expecting a polished, fully balanced experience right out of the gate or you’re hesitant about spending on early access, it might be wise to wait for further updates. The developers seem committed to refining the game, and with some patience, you could be in for a much smoother ride. 🎢

In essence, if you’re willing to brave the occasional bumps and enjoy the ride, Infection Free Zone offers an engaging and adrenaline-fueled experience! 🚀

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