T-Minus 30 - Buyer's Guide

Race against time in 'T-Minus 30,' a fast-paced city builder where you construct and escape Earth in 30 minutes. Fun, engaging, and unique. Worth playing!
Fan-art of T-Minus 30

In the high-stakes world of ‘T-Minus 30,’ players are thrust into a race against time to build a city and escape a collapsing Earth. This single-player, fast-paced city builder challenges you to scavenge a post-apocalyptic landscape to construct infrastructure, cultivate crops, generate power, and eventually build rockets to rescue as many survivors as possible—all within a tight 30-minute window. Begin by establishing essential resources like wells for water and tilled earth for farmland, which produces necessary food supplies. Expand your settlement’s capabilities by developing solar farms and hydroponics labs, or opt for a retro approach by assembling numerous 1960s era rockets. Navigate through abandoned ruins, mine skyscrapers for materials, and explore procedurally generated maps that range from arid wastelands to resource-rich forests. You can’t save everyone, and casualties are unavoidable, but every moment counts in this urgent mission to evacuate humanity before the clock runs out.

Should I play T-Minus 30 in 2024?

The good

  • Unique Concept: Users appreciate the game’s original twist on the builder genre.
  • Accessible Gameplay: It has a low learning curve, making it easy to pick up and enjoy quickly.
  • Fun Factor: Reviewers find it quite enjoyable, even within the 30-minute limit.

The bad

  • Quality of Life Features: A few more quality-of-life improvements could enhance the experience, but their absence isn’t a major issue for most players.


T-Minus 30 offers a refreshing take on the builder genre with its 30-minute gameplay twist. Easy to learn and fun to play, this game stands out despite minor quality-of-life feature gaps. Based on user reviews, it’s definitely worth adding to your gaming collection in 2024 for a quick yet engaging experience. Time to build, survive, and enjoy every fleeting moment!

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