Wildwood: A Town Building Game - Buyer's Guide

Experience the art of expansion in Wildwood, a strategic city-building game. Perfect for seasoned players, but beginners beware of the steep learning curve.
Fan-art of Wildwood: A Town Building Game

Wildwood is an enthralling city-building strategy game centered around the art of expansion. Players commence from scratch, gathering essential resources and advancing through an intricate Tech Tree to unlock survival-enhancing technologies. Expansion is key to accessing richer resources, facilitated by a logistics network of trains and wagons connecting your settlement. Transforming a simple survival camp into a bustling town requires strategically building homes and workplaces. The procedurally generated world of Wildwood offers infinite exploration opportunities, encouraging players to stretch their settlements as far as they wish. The endless possibilities ensure that each expansion brings new challenges and rewards. Wildwood challenges players to manage resource flow effectively, ensuring the survival and prosperity of their citizens. Dive into the infinite world of Wildwood today and start building your own thriving settlement!

Should I play Wildwood: A Town Building Game in 2024?

The good

“Wildwood: A Town Building Game” offers a classic city-building experience, complete with all the standard features that fans of the genre have come to love. The ability to choose your starting place, difficulty level, and name your town adds a personalized touch that many will appreciate. For city-building aficionados, the game becomes extremely interesting, especially once you master the tech tree. This game appears to be a hit for those who enjoy a methodical, thoughtful approach to building and managing a town.

The bad

The learning curve may be steep for newcomers as the game lacks tutorials or instructions, which could be a significant barrier to entry. The graphics are described as “meh” and old-style, which might not appeal to everyone. Performance issues are also noted, especially as your town grows, leading to significant FPS drops even on high-end systems. Additionally, the constant influx of new residents can make resource management feel like a tedious chore rather than a rewarding challenge.


Should you still buy or play this game in 2024? If you’re a seasoned city-building game enthusiast who enjoys delving deep into tech trees and doesn’t mind figuring things out independently, “Wildwood: A Town Building Game” could be a hidden gem for you. However, if you’re new to the genre or prefer more guidance and polished graphics, you might want to wait for patches or a price drop. Overall, it’s a mixed bag but has potential for the right audience.

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Screenshot of Wildwood: A Town Building Game

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