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Delve into 'Glory of Rome', a city-builder set at the Roman Empire's peak. With intuitive mechanics and nostalgic charm, it's a must-play despite minor bugs.
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“Glory of Rome” immerses players in the pinnacle of the Roman Empire through an expansive city-building experience. Appointed by the Senate, you will manage resources, industries, and the needs of diverse citizenry to create thriving settlements. The game spans three campaigns: Italy, Africa, and Gaul, each with unique challenges and scenarios. In Italy, build grand cities in 12 scenarios; in Africa, develop robust trade ecosystems across 10 scenarios; and in Gaul, balance resources and citizen needs in 8 scenarios. Each mission requires strategic planning and management of resources from agriculture to trade goods, ensuring the prosperity of your settlements and the satisfaction of the Senate. As you succeed, more complex appointments become available, challenging you to expand your managerial prowess across the vast reaches of the Roman Empire."

Should I play Glory of Rome in 2024?

The good

Many users appreciate Glory of Rome for its nostalgic throwback to classic city-building games like Caesar and Pharaoh. It offers a charming low-poly art style, relaxing gameplay, and a calming atmosphere which seems to strike a chord with fans of the genre. The developer is actively engaged with the community, constantly updating the game based on player feedback, which is highlighted as a big plus. The game runs well on most systems and has an intuitive building interface, making it accessible to both newcomers and veterans of city-building games. The scenarios are short and engaging, which many find enjoyable.

The bad

The lack of a traditional save system is a major downside for many, potentially deterring those who prefer longer, more extensive sessions. There are reports of bugs, such as buildings appearing everywhere on the map or tasks not completing properly. Some users find the game’s pace a bit slow and the play areas small. Issues with camera rotation and building orientation were also mentioned, as well as mixed feelings about the game being more like a puzzle than a dynamic city-builder.


Glory of Rome is a delightful city builder that successfully captures the spirit of classic games while bringing its own charm to the table. Though it lacks a saving feature, the short scenarios and campaign progression mitigate this for many players. If you’re looking for a nostalgic, relaxing city-building experience with an active developer behind it, this game is worth a try in 2024. Just keep in mind the quirks and limitations, and you might find yourself thoroughly enjoying this historical journey! 🏛️👷‍♂️

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