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Compete in sprint racing and workout in VR with Sprint Vector, a high-energy game with challenging tracks and immersive graphics. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED with upsides to its engaging gameplay and great music
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Sprint Vector, the universe’s most-watched game show, has you as its latest shining star. Under the energetic guidance of the robotic host, Mr. Entertainment, contestants are thrust into a whirlwind of running, jumping, climbing, and even flying across a plethora of fantastical interdimensional race courses and challenge maps. Your agility and speed are the keys to survive these intense one-on-one matches, which have become the talk of the millennium.

This ultimate VR game merges the physical thrill of an extreme sports competition with the madcap energy of a zany game show. Sprint Vector, developed by Survios, incorporates an innovative Fluid Locomotion System that allows players to reach and maintain high speeds comfortably in VR. Use your entire body to navigate through the game, with intuitive controls for running, jumping, drifting, climbing, shooting, and dodging. The game also includes a pulsating electronic soundtrack, amusing commentary, and powerful projectiles and boosts, with multiplayer support for up to eight players.

Sprint Vector’s vibrant landscapes provide a backdrop for a range of race courses and challenge maps. You’ll need to scale giant pyramids, dive into alien ruins, leap over vast pits, and navigate ancient city streets filled with traps. But beware of your fellow sprinters - it’s a thin line between victory and defeat.

The game offers competitive multiplayer matches, with both public and private online modes, where up to eight players compete in high-speed races. There are 12 challenging race tracks filled with obstacles, shortcuts, and game-changing power-ups, and nine test courses designed to push your sprinting skills to the limit. You can also customize solo play settings to learn the game at your own pace. Sprint Vector also features a roster of eight colorful characters, each with multiple skins, hailing from all corners of the galaxy.

Should I play Sprint Vector in 2024?

The good

Sprint Vector appears to have captivated its audience with a delightful mix of various game elements akin to Jet Set Radio, SSX 3, Mario Kart, and more. The controls are simple yet require skill to master, giving players an engaging challenge. Reviewers rave about the motion, momentum, and the superhero-like feeling the gameplay provides. The graphics are well-designed with a good level of detail, and the soundtrack is a hit, featuring numerous tracks that perfectly complement the game’s style.

Characters are fun, and the voice acting is entertaining, adding to the game’s charm. The multiplayer modes, including an open Skate Park for hanging out, provide a variety of ways to enjoy the game, either solo or with friends. The game’s immersive VR experience also stands out, offering a workout disguised as fun, which many players find exhilarating.

The bad

The most common complaint is the physical toll the game can take on players. Muscle fatigue and soreness are frequent topics in reviews, with many noting how demanding the gameplay can be on their arms and shoulders. Another downside is the dwindling player base, which can make finding online matches challenging. Some players suggest a price drop to attract more users and revitalize the community.


Should you still buy or play Sprint Vector in 2024? Absolutely! 🏃‍♂️💨 The game offers a unique and exhilarating VR experience that combines the thrill of racing with a satisfying workout. While the player base may currently be small, the quality of the game itself is undeniable. If you’re looking for a fun, immersive, and physically engaging game, Sprint Vector is an excellent choice. Just be prepared for a bit of muscle soreness and maybe keep some water bottles and painkillers handy. Dive into the virtual race tracks and feel like a superhero—you won’t regret it! 🚀🎮

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