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Experience a virtual hangout with friends in SportsBar VR, featuring realistic pool physics and various games. With daily challenges and bonuses, customize your avatar and environment. Compatible with HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Prepare for occasional crashes on modern Intel CPUs.
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The digital world is abuzz with talk of what could be the most groundbreaking VR game to date, SportsBar VR. The HTC Vive is still in its early stages, but it already boasts a must-have game. The latest 2.0 update brings a new level of social interaction to your virtual pub experience. The game is packed with a variety of bar games and an unrivaled pool simulation, including 8 Ball, 9 Ball, 3 Ball, and Killer. You can invite up to 8 friends for a virtual hangout, playing air hockey, darts, or setting up elaborate dominoes with books, chairs, and bottles. Play online or offline against AI, and earn tickets to unlock a vast range of collectible items. From becoming a Ramp Ball champion to simply enjoying the fun of throwing empty beer bottles against a wall, SportsBar VR offers an array of experiences. It features realistic pool physics, a variety of games, and the ability to throw items around the bar without the consequences. There are daily challenges and bonuses, and you can customize your avatar, pool cue, and environment. Play against AI or up to 8 players online, and enjoy the fun and comfort of a VR bar experience from your own home. Compatible with the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift w/ Touch, SportsBar VR is also available for Arcades on SpringboardVR.

Should I play Sports Bar VR in 2024?

The good

Sports Bar VR offers a highly engaging and immersive virtual reality experience, which has resonated strongly with its player base. From playing pool and darts to chess and skee-ball, the variety of bar games included ensures that there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Players have praised its social aspect, as it allows for multiplayer interactions that mimic the fun of hanging out in a real sports bar. The general sentiment from users is very positive, reflecting their satisfaction with both the gameplay and the overall experience.

The bad

While the game itself is very well-received, there’s a notable issue with compatibility on modern Intel CPUs (11th to 14th generation). Players have reported crashes, but a workaround has been provided that involves modifying system environment variables. This fix, while helpful, requires some technical know-how, which could be a hurdle for less tech-savvy users.


Based on the overwhelmingly positive reviews, Sports Bar VR is a must-try for anyone who owns a VR headset. Its variety of games and social features make it a standout in the VR gaming space. While the compatibility issue with newer Intel CPUs is certainly a drawback, the provided workaround ensures you can still enjoy the game relatively hassle-free. Gear up your VR headset and dive into the virtual bar fun—your friends are waiting! 🍻🏓

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