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Immerse yourself in Selaco, a gripping shooter with intense action and strategic combat. Delivering satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment.
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In the midst of a catastrophic invasion, Captain Dawn, a seasoned security officer, finds herself at the forefront of an intense struggle for survival within the besieged underground facility of Selaco. This gripping shooter, inspired by the likes of F.E.A.R. and DOOM, plunges players into a realm of visceral action and strategic combat. As Dawn delves deeper into the troubled past of Selaco, she must confront the dark secrets lurking within the depths of the complex. With its immersive world, fleshed out with the help of professional artists and a dedicated writer, Selaco promises to enthrall fans of the shooter genre with its engaging narrative, intense set pieces, and addictive gameplay. The game boasts a custom soundtrack, voice-acted dialogue, and a robust modding system, inviting players to join the fray and shape the world of Selaco according to their own design.

Should I play Selaco in 2024?

The good

It seems like the majority of reviewers have experienced a sense of satisfaction while playing Selaco. The game’s mechanics and actions feel rewarding, which is a great thing!

The bad

Unfortunately, there aren’t enough negative reviews to provide any significant criticisms. If there were criticisms, it’s likely they would be mentioned here. However, since there are so few reviews, we’ll have to rely on general impressions.


Selaco is a game that’s all about delivering satisfaction, and it seems to do just that. If you’re looking for a game that can provide a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction with every action, then Selaco might be the game for you. Play it if you’re open to trying something new and want to experience the thrill of feeling good while playing! (Note: Keep in mind that the rarity of reviews means we can’t guarantee that the satisfaction will last, but there’s a high chance it might!)

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