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Dive into 'Protolife,' a unique tower-based RTS, and defend humanity's colony from a relentless enemy! Over 30 levels and custom tower editor. Play now!
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Fifteen years have passed since humanity first planted its flag on Gagarin-5. What began as a promising colonization has devolved into a nightmare. An insidious corruption has blighted the once-thriving mushroom farms, and colossal worms have devoured entire cities. With only a few thousand survivors taking refuge in emergency bases, a dormant yet menacing force now looms. It grows slowly at night, festering with tumors and emitting an unsettling pink glow. This quiet period is our chance to strike back and reclaim our new home. Built on the foundation of Ludum Dare 38, this tower-based RTS challenges players to defend a distant colony from a relentless, evolving enemy. Unique to the genre, towers are built from simple blocks, offering granular control over the defense grid. Strategize your defenses, either through rapid low-tier constructions or fortified artillery posts, and take advantage of flexible perimeters. Switch seamlessly between battlefronts, leveraging direct builder control. With over 30 levels, a custom tower editor, and a random mission generator, this game promises a dynamic and engaging experience. Note: The game is optimized for remappable keyboard or gamepad controls, not mouse input.

Should I play Protolife in 2024?

The good

Reviewers have found “Protolife” to be a simple and enjoyable game, perfect for those who appreciate straightforward yet engaging gameplay.

The bad

There isn’t much to critique from the reviews provided, suggesting that the game has a solid design and player approval.


Should you still buy or play this game in 2024? Based on the overwhelmingly positive reception, it seems like “Protolife” is a worthy addition to any gaming library. Dive in for some simple and fun gameplay!

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