Kerbal Space Program 2 - Buyer's Guide

Embark on a cosmic odyssey with Kerbal Space Program 2! Build spacecraft, explore star systems, and conquer celestial mysteries in this groundbreaking space simulation game. However, the mixed reviews and troubled development in 2024 may make it a pass for new players.
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Kerbal Space Program 2 heralds a new era in space simulation gaming, building upon its predecessor’s iconic legacy with groundbreaking advancements. The sequel introduces cutting-edge technology and expansive celestial exploration opportunities through next-gen tools, parts, fuel, and much more. Players will construct a robust space program from scratch, developing powerful spacecraft to navigate vast cosmic mysteries across multiple star systems. Innovative features such as colonies add an intricate layer of resource gathering and physics challenges while enabling vehicle construction for deep-space exploration. A significant addition is the facilitation of interstellar travel with the inclusion of new star systems like Charr, Ovin, Rask, and Rusk. Furthermore, Kerbal Space Program n’s multiplayer capabilities and modding potential are set to enhance immersion in this cosmic odyssey.

Should I play Kerbal Space Program 2 in 2024?

The Good

While the reviewer’s experience with the game was very negative, some users did mention that the game had some potential, especially with the futuristic trailer and the mystique of space exploration. The game’s focus on science, colonies, and interstellar exploration could be appealing to fans of the original Kerbal Space Program.

The Bad

The game’s development was plagued by delays, with the initial release date being pushed back multiple times. The game’s performance was poor, with many users reporting framerate issues, wonky craft behavior, and other technical problems. The game’s development process was marked by a lack of transparency, with little communication from the developers. The game’s release was met with widespread criticism and negative reviews.


Considering the mixed reviews and the cancellation of the game’s development, I would advise potential buyers to avoid purchasing Kerbal Space Program 2 in 2024. The game’s poor performance, lack of transparency, and rushed development make it an unappealing purchase. Furthermore, the game’s developers being laid off by Take-Two adds to the uncertainty surrounding the game’s future. While some users may be nostalgic for the original Kerbal Space Program, the sequel’s numerous issues and controversy make it a pass for new players.

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