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Explore GORN, a VR gladiator simulator with absurdity and violence. Discover its unique physics-based combat and indulge in brutal gladiatorial dreams.
Fan-art of GORN

GORN, a virtual reality gladiator simulator, takes absurdity and violence to new heights. Developed by Free Lives, the creators of Broforce and Genital Jousting, the game leverages a distinctive physics-based combat system. Players can indulge in their most brutal gladiatorial dreams, as they annihilate an endless stream of crudely designed foes with a wide array of weaponry - ranging from conventional swords, maces, and bows, to more exotic choices like nunchuks, throwing knives, and gigantic dual-handed warhammers. The game even allows combat with your own gore-drenched fists. The extent of the bloodshed is only constrained by your own sense of morality and creativity, making GORN one of the most savage VR games ever crafted by mankind.

Should I play GORN in 2024?

The Good

GORN has received an overwhelmingly positive response from players. It seems that the game’s engaging gameplay, thrilling arena battles, and immersive environment have captured the hearts of many players. The game’s ability to challenge players and keep them coming back for more has also been a major draw.

The Bad

It’s worth noting that some players have mentioned the game’s steep learning curve and high level of difficulty, which may deter some players from continuing to play.


So, should you buy GORN in 2024? Absolutely! Despite the game’s challenging nature, the positive reviews speak for themselves. With its intense combat, rich storyline, and stunning visuals, GORN is a game that’s well worth the investment. As one reviewer put it, “although I spent my afternoon in the emergency room, I think I’m going to keep the game and try to figure out how to create more space to play.” That’s the kind of devotion that’s hard to ignore. So, don your gladiator helmet and get ready to rumble – GORN is a thrill ride you won’t want to miss.

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Screenshot of GORN

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