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Immerse yourself in the iconic DOOM universe with DOOM VFR, a VR reimagining of the classic series. Explore Mars and Hell, combat demons, and unravel the story. But is it worth it? Read our verdict before making a purchase
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From the creators of the first-person shooter genre, id Software, comes DOOM® VFR, a virtual reality reimagining of the acclaimed series. Dive into the Martian UAC facility and the terrifying depths of Hell itself, testing your mettle in fierce combat and intricate puzzles. As a cybernetic survivor, you are activated by the UAC to combat the demonic invasion, uphold order, and avert a disastrous failure on Mars. Navigate through hordes of demonic adversaries as you explore and engage with the grotesque world of DOOM from a fresh viewpoint.


In the aftermath of the demonic invasion of the UAC’s Martian research facility, you are the last known human survivor - until your demise. Under a confidential UAC operational contingency protocol, your consciousness is transferred to an artificial brain matrix, with a singular mission: to restore operational stability and halt the demon onslaught by any means necessary.

Key Features:

Experience the iconic DOOM combat, weapons, and demons from a unique perspective. Physically engage with the DOOM universe as you seamlessly move across the UAC facility and Hell using teleportation and jet-strafe movement. Uncover new areas of the UAC Martian research facility and unearth the distinct capabilities of a cybernetic UAC security operative.

Should I play DOOM VFR in 2024?

The good

Some reviewers, despite the mixed overall sentiment, have enjoyed their experience with DOOM VFR. They appreciate the game’s attention to detail on models, and some have even praised it as an underrated VR classic. One reviewer found it to be one of the best VR games they’ve played to date, despite the initial issues with controls.

The bad

Many reviewers have expressed disappointment and frustration with DOOM VFR. Issues with controls, poor optimization, and lack of support for certain VR devices have led to a frustrating experience. Some have reported headaches, while others have criticized the combat, story, and overall quality of the game.


It’s clear that DOOM VFR is a polarizing game. While some users have enjoyed it, others have been left disappointed and frustrated. If you’re considering buying DOOM VFR in 2024, you might want to approach it with caution. Fans of the DOOM series might be disappointed by the lack of gameplay and poor optimization. If you’re looking for a solid VR experience, there are better options available.

However, if you’re willing to overlook some of the game’s drawbacks and are particularly interested in the DOOM series, you might still find some enjoyment in DOOM VFR. Just be prepared to deal with some frustrating moments and mediocre graphics.

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