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Experience brutal violence in BLOOD TRAIL VR, a VR experience with unique physics and gore systems. A must-have for gore enthusiasts, but be aware of poor reviews, outdated graphics, and poor controls.
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Welcome to BLOOD TRAIL VR, the virtual reality experience that redefines the concept of brutal violence in gaming. Step into the shoes of Wendigo, a ruthless mercenary with a single-minded focus - a lucrative paycheck. Your mission is to wipe out a zealous cult using your trusted armory. Blood Trail, designed exclusively for VR, features unique physics and gore systems, delivering an unparalleled shooting experience that isn’t for the faint-hearted. Your survival depends on your accuracy and quick reflexes with a range of weapons, from handguns to rifles, in a terrifying and grotesque setting. Blood Trail even introduces the first-ever virtual crack pipe. The early access version offers various modes to satiate your violent inclinations. ‘Raid’ mode features 9 expansive trails ending in semi-dynamic outposts teeming with potential victims. ‘Survival Mode’ pits you against waves of enemies in 5 unique arena-style maps. ‘Sandbox’ mode includes the original ’empty room’ map and two new additions, populated with armed adversaries and mannequins. As the game develops, anticipate a narrative-driven single-player campaign, featuring stealth missions, massive shootouts, and chilling moments of horror. Meet the fanatic cult members of Neptune’s Vow and uncover a host of surprises along the way. Blood Trail VR is continually evolving, with plans for more maps, sandbox activities, weapons, enemy varieties, methods of slaughter, and even more drugs and violence. Players can also access an experimental branch to try out exciting upcoming features before their official release.

Should I play Blood Trail in 2024?

The good

From the reviews, it seems that the game has some positive aspects, such as being “extremely therapeutic” and providing a fun experience, especially for those who enjoy gore. Some reviewers also mentioned that the game is fun for an hour or two, and can be a great stress-reliever for certain individuals.

The bad

The majority of the reviews are overwhelmingly negative, citing issues such as lack of content, outdated graphics, and unbalanced gameplay. Many reviewers felt that the game was not worth the $25 price tag, and that it was more like a tech demo than a fully-fledged game. Some reviewers also mentioned frustration with the controls, particularly the hand-based movement, which was described as “bad” and “goofy”.


Based on the reviews, it seems that Blood Trail is a game that is best avoided unless you’re a die-hard fan of gore and are not particular about gameplay quality. The lack of content, outdated graphics, and poor controls make it a game that’s not worth the full price. Additionally, the absence of updates and support from the developers in over two years suggests that the game is not a priority. While it may have some therapeutic value for certain individuals, it’s not a game that I would recommend. Overall, it’s better to look elsewhere for a more engaging and well-developed gaming experience.

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