Farthest Frontier - Buyer's Guide

Lead a band of settlers to build and manage a thriving town in 'Farthest Frontier'. Engage in complex resource and town management with customizable challenges. Buy it if you love intricate city-builders!
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Embark on an epic journey to establish a thriving town on the untamed frontier in ‘Farthest Frontier’. As the leader of a small band of settlers, players must harvest resources, grow crops, and craft items to ensure the survival and prosperity of their burgeoning community. With a detailed farming system, advanced town simulation, and customizable difficulty options, players can experience a range of challenges from idyllic to brutal. From managing environmental interactions to fending off invaders, every decision impacts the town’s fate. Developed by Crate Entertainment, known for the acclaimed Grim Dawn, ‘Farthest Frontier’ offers a rich and immersive town-building experience that will put players’ strategic skills to the test.

Should I play Farthest Frontier in 2024?

The good

Stunning Visuals: Players are enamored with the game’s breathtaking graphics, detailed environments, changing seasons, and dynamic weather effects.

Deep and Engaging Gameplay: With a rich, complex gameplay experience involving resource management, building structures, farming, and trading, players find the game’s mechanics to be thoughtfully designed and engaging.

Dynamic and Realistic Economy: The realistic economic simulation, involving production chains and trade with other settlements, adds depth and keeps the gameplay fresh and exciting.

Immersive World: The game world feels alive with wildlife roaming the forests and seasons changing, creating an immersive, living environment.

Thoughtful Village Management: Managing villagers with individual needs and roles is both a challenging and rewarding experience.

Excellent Replayability: Procedural generation and varied challenges ensure that each playthrough feels unique.

Supportive Community: A dedicated community with guides, mods, and active developers who regularly update the game.

The bad

Performance Issues: Several players have reported poor optimization, including FPS drops, micro stutters, and high GPU utilization, even on high-end PCs.

Clunky UI and Camera: The UI and camera settings have been criticized for being unrefined, with tiny text and icons, poor zoom options, and a lack of options for adjusting the camera tilt.

Early Access Limitations: Some players feel the game shows its early access nature, especially in the late game, which can feel incomplete and repetitive.


Farthest Frontier is a visually stunning and deeply engaging village builder that will capture your heart with its realistic economy and immersive world. 🌲🏘️ However, be prepared for potential performance hiccups and some unpolished UI elements, which are common in its current early access state. If you’re a fan of village-building and strategy games, it’s worth diving into now to support a promising game with a dedicated development team. If you prefer a smoother experience, you might want to wait for the full release in 2024. Either way, there’s much to love and explore in this beautifully crafted game! 🎮✨

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