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Immersive open-world RPG with non-linear gameplay, realistic survival mechanics, and sophisticated AI. Engaging experience for hundreds of hours.
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In this expansive open-world RPG, the boundaries of survival are pushed to the limit. With a non-linear approach to gameplay, players are free to forge their own paths as they navigate a vast, unforgiving environment. With a focus on realism, characters must contend with the harsh realities of injury, starvation, and brutal predation. The game’s merciless world doesn’t soften its stance, even for the player. As characters grow and evolve, their physical appearance changes, reflecting their experiences and choices. Meanwhile, the game’s AI is impressively sophisticated, allowing characters to reason and work towards long-term goals. With the freedom to craft, build, and trade, players are impelled to master their own destiny within this unforgiving world.

Should I play Kenshi in 2024?

The good

Kenshi is lauded for its unique and immersive open-world experience where players can craft their own stories. Reviewers appreciate the game’s brutal but rewarding difficulty curve, reminiscent of classic titles like Fallout and Gothic, where you start weak but can grow immensely powerful. The game’s setting—a dystopian, post-civilization world filled with warring factions, slavery, and survival—is both captivating and expansive, offering endless opportunities for exploration and role-playing. The freedom to be anything from a bounty hunter to a master swordsman or an expert smith adds layers of depth and replayability. Despite its age, many players find themselves returning time and again, always discovering new places and stories.

The bad

Some users mentioned the game’s lack of an inherent storyline or quests, which might make the experience feel aimless at times. There are also vast stretches of land with little happening between points of interest, and some might find the constant threats of being killed or enslaved exhausting. Additionally, the game’s graphics and mechanics are somewhat dated, which could deter new players looking for modern polish.


Should you buy or play Kenshi in 2024? Absolutely! 🎮 With its overwhelmingly positive reviews and a world that is as brutal as it is beautiful, Kenshi offers a sandbox experience like no other. Yes, it has its flaws, but the freedom to forge your own path and the constant sense of discovery make it a must-have for any RPG or open-world enthusiast. Dive in, and remember, in Kenshi, the struggle is part of the fun. 🌄🔪

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