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Immerse yourself in WWII with Hearts of Iron IV's latest expansion, No Step Back. Experience the Eastern Front's tense battles and explore new features like tank design and Soviet politics. Worth playing for fans of the series, but wait for fixes for game-breaking issues
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No Step Back is Hearts of Iron IV’s latest expansion from Paradoe Interactive, plunging players into the tumultuous Eastern Front during WWII. This riveting addition enriches gameplay with intricate details for eastern European nations and innovative systems to replicate Soviet politics. It offers new national focuses for key regions like the Soviet Union, Poland, and Baltic states while revolutionizing military strategies through Army Officer Corps, Spiritual enhancements, and advanced supply logistics. Tank designers can now craft armored units tailored to their needs, bolstered by powerful Railway Guns.

Should I play Expansion - Hearts of Iron IV: No Step Back in 2024?

The Good

The majority of reviewers are thrilled with the new content and features introduced in this DLC. They praise the tank designer for its customization options, the Soviet focus tree for its variety and monarchist Russia path, and the Polish focus tree for allowing the player to choose the future of Poland. The Baltic focus trees, including the fascist Estonia path, are also a highlight. Reviews suggest that this DLC has improved gameplay, particularly for Poland.

The Bad

One reviewer is extremely disappointed with the DLC, citing fundamental issues with the game’s core mechanics, such as unreliable troop deployment and frustrating boundary drawing. They criticize the lack of focus on addressing these issues and instead, the focus on expanding content.


While the overall sentiment is mostly positive, the negativity from one reviewer cannot be ignored. However, considering the overwhelmingly positive reviews, it’s clear that the good far outweighs the bad. If you’re a fan of the Hearts of Iron IV series and are looking for new content, this DLC might be worth considering. But, if you’re particularly sensitive to game-breaking issues, you may want to wait for the developers to address the fundamental problems mentioned in the negative review. For most players, this DLC is likely to provide a fun and engaging experience.

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