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Guide the Vupfox survivors in Exodus Borealis, a city builder and tower defense hybrid. Enjoy its unique mechanics, but be ready for a slow burn and strategic depth.
Fan-art of Exodus Borealis

After fleeing their homeland, the Vupfox community sails across the treacherous north sea, only to crash-land on an enigmatic island. This new land provides a glimmer of hope for rebuilding, yet an eerie force prevents any escape, continually tossing their boats back to shore. Nestled within the island’s cliffs is a foreboding canyon entrance that hints at deeper mysteries.

In this city builder and tower defense hybrid, it’s your mission to guide the few Vupfox survivors from mere survival to flourishing prosperity. You’ll design settlements, assign jobs, manage resources, and construct defenses to ward off threats from beyond the canyon’s gate. BUILD YOUR COLONY: Establish your foothold by colonizing six meticulously crafted islands, endure the harsh environment through changing days and seasons, and research cutting-edge technology to unlock new buildings and efficiencies. Create a balanced society by juggling construction, job assignments, research, and resource management to ensure a productive community.

DEFEND YOUR COLONY: Turn invaders into clueless targets by weaving intricate mazes that maximize damage output. Unearth and utilize potent elemental gems to fortify your defenses, with offensive towers harnessing unique elemental damage effects. Master the art of elemental synergy and nullification; strategically place elements to amplify their impact and neutralize opposing forces, crafting an invincible fortress.

Should I play Exodus Borealis in 2024?

The good

Things are looking bright for Exodus Borealis, especially if you enjoy a mix of city-building and tower defense mechanics. Many fans appreciate the challenge of constructing intricate mazes for mobs and relish the unique blend that this game brings to the table. The game effectively marries elements from popular titles like RimWorld and classic tower defense games, offering a fresh, engaging experience.

The bad

However, there are certain aspects that may deter some players. The game’s pacing can be slow, making it difficult to gauge your progress early on, as it requires several hours to truly understand if you’re on the right path. Additionally, the city growth mechanics feel a bit stifling, and the difficulty curve is designed in a way that may force players into frustrating situations where strategic errors can feel punishing.


Should you still buy or play this game in 2024? Definitely! Despite some criticisms regarding pacing and certain mechanics, the overall sentiment is very positive. The unique combination of city-building and tower defense is a hit, especially for fans of both genres. Just be prepared for a slow burn and embrace the challenge; it seems like a rewarding journey for those who stick with it. If you enjoy complex strategy games and don’t mind a bit of trial and error, Exodus Borealis is worth the investment.

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