Land of the Vikings - Buyer's Guide

Experience a Viking village-building game with a thriving settlement, unique villager skills, and immersive setting. Worth playing despite flaws.
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‘Land of the Vikings’ invites players to shape a thriving settlement as they manage resources, face natural disasters and fierce weather challenges. Each villager possesses unique characteristics that determine their skills in tasks such as farming, hunting or mining. The game offers an immersive experience with seasonal changes, trading opportunities, raiding missions for plundering gold and silver, and a tech tree to unlock new buildings, enhance living conditions, and boost Vikings’ happiness levels.

Should I play Land of the Vikings in 2024?

The Good

Despite the criticisms, “Land of the Vikings” has some redeeming features that caught the eye of players. Many appreciated the unique twist it brings to the medieval colony simulation genre by not focusing heavily on a single survival aspect. The concept of sea warfare and raiding adds another layer of depth, which some players found engaging. The game also boasts a charming setting with enjoyable gameplay elements like house building and battles, which could be fun when the game runs smoothly. A few players also enjoyed the laid-back nature of the town-building mechanics when everything operated as expected.

The Bad

The major downside that repeatedly appeared in the reviews revolves around the game’s unfinished state and the controversial implementation of paid DLC for content that many believe should have been included in the base game. Reviews pointed out significant optimization issues leading to constant freezes and crashes, underwhelming depth and variety in gameplay, and a disappointing end-game grind. The criticism about the incomplete nature of the game and reliance on future paid DLC casts a shadow over its long-term value.


Should you still buy or play “Land of the Vikings” in 2024? Based on the mixed reviews, it’s a hard recommendation. While the game offers an interesting concept and some enjoyable elements, the prevalent issues related to performance, depth, and monetization strategy indicate that its potential isn’t fully realized yet. If you’re an ardent fan of medieval city builders and are okay with enduring bugs and content gaps, it might be worth buying on a steep discount (waiting for that 50% off might be wise). For others, it may be best to keep an eye on updates and user feedback before diving in. 🛡️⚔️

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