Citizens: On Mars - Buyer's Guide

Explore the puzzle-driven, turn-based gameplay of 'Citizens: On Mars.' Lead your Martian colony, manage resources, and face unpredictable events. Worth a try for puzzle fans.
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In ‘Citizens: On Mars,’ players dive into a captivating turn-based puzzle and city-building hybrid set on the unforgiving terrain of the Red Planet. As the leader of a nascent Martian settlement, you’ll oversee resource management, territorial expansion, and colony development, all while navigating unpredictable events like worker strikes and smuggler incursions. The game’s faction system requires balancing the needs of Social, Scientific, and Industrial leaders to maintain colony harmony. A handcrafted campaign tests your leadership skills, while a random map generator ensures no two games are alike, offering endless replayability. Your decisions will define the future of humanity on Mars — will your colony thrive or falter in this new frontier?

Should I play Citizens: On Mars in 2024?

The good

Based on the reviews, “Citizens: On Mars” boasts crisp and visually appealing graphics. Players appreciate the challenging nature of the game that manages to avoid being frustrating. Additionally, the game appears to be quite polished, with no bugs reported by the users. Compared to its predecessor, “Citizens: Far Lands,” it seems to have made notable improvements.

The bad

The game has some notable downsides. Firstly, it’s more of a puzzle game than a city builder or colony sim, which might mislead some potential buyers. The lack of freedom in building placement can be a turn-off for those expecting an open-ended city-building experience. Another significant drawback is the absence of an in-game save option, meaning players must complete or lose a scenario before they can exit the game, which is particularly problematic on a PC platform.


Should you buy or play “Citizens: On Mars” in 2024? If you enjoy puzzle games and are looking for a $5 challenge with no bugs and solid graphics, this game could be a pleasant addition to your collection. However, if you’re searching for a true city-building or colony-sim experience, you might want to steer clear. It’s all about managing expectations with this one—so puzzle enthusiasts, this might just be your cup of Martian tea!

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