Viking City Builder - Buyer's Guide

Become a Viking leader in 'Viking City Builder', combining city-building with real-time strategy. Construct settlements, manage resources, and prepare for counterattacks. Worth a try for city-building and Viking lore enthusiasts!
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Set in the tumultuous Viking age, ‘Viking City Builder’ thrusts players into the role of a Viking leader tasked with constructing a settlement amid the ashes of a conquered village. This city-building game melds classic elements with real-time strategy, challenging players to establish homes, longhouses, and even fortresses while managing resources and preparing for European counterattacks. The harsh Northern winters demand strategic planning for fuel and food. Utilizing the Unreal Engine with Ray Tracing, the game’s visuals bring the Northern Fjords to life like never before. Key features include fortifying settlements, raiding neighboring villages, building historical structures, and managing the settlement’s economy. Developed by the indie studio Titan Gamez, the game promises a visually stunning and strategically engaging experience for fans of city-builders.

Should I play Viking City Builder in 2024?

The good

That’s a bit of a mystery! With no user reviews available, there’s an open canvas for potential epic tales of city-building in the Viking era. The game’s concept hints at a blend of strategy, historical elements, and possibly some Norse mythology thrown in for good measure. For those who love city builders and Viking lore, the idea alone is quite enticing.

The bad

Without user reviews, there’s no feedback on how the game performs, its mechanics, graphics, or any potential bugs or issues. This absence of information means taking a leap of faith if you decide to invest in it.


Should you still buy or play this game in 2024? Well, as the first settlers in uncharted territory, you’ll be one of the pioneers of Viking City Builder. If you have a passion for Viking-themed games and city-building strategies, and you’re willing to brave the unknown, it might just be worth a try. After all, every great Viking adventure starts with a bit of uncertainty and daring!

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