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Pharaoh: A New Era is a remastered version of the classic city-builder, offering upgraded gameplay, graphics, and new features. Perfect for city-building enthusiasts.
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Pharaoh: A New Era offers players a chance to immerse themselves in the rich history of Ancient Egypt through a complete remake of the classic city-builder Pharaoh. With over 50 missions and more than 100 hours of gameplay, players will experience the challenges and triumphs of being a powerful pharaoh. The game allows you to build and manage a city along the banks of the Nile, erect iconic monuments, and navigate economic and political crises. The remake features upgraded gameplay mechanics, stunning 2D graphics, and a reorchestrated soundtrack. Players can delve into the Campaign mode to learn the game basics and explore life in Ancient Egypt, or unleash their creativity in Sandbox mode. With new features like the Nilometer and redesigned UI, Pharaoh: A New Era promises a complex and engaging experience that celebrates the legacy of the original cult classic.

Should I play Pharaoh: A New Era in 2024?

The good

Pharaoh: A New Era has been praised for its fantastic remastering of the original game, with many players appreciating the updated graphics and removal of some of the more frustrating elements of the original, such as absurdly low timers for building fires and collapses. The removal of artificially difficult mechanics has made for a more pleasant and streamlined experience. The game no longer suffers from the bugs that plagued its initial release, with many users reporting smooth playthroughs of both military and peace campaigns.

The bad

Some long-time fans of the original game have voiced disappointment over the removal of the combat element, which they felt was a core aspect of the original. This change has led some players to feel the game is less exciting. Additionally, some users have criticized the art direction and mechanics as not being appealing and have found the menus to be non-intuitive.


Should you still buy or play this game in 2024? Based on the reviews, Pharaoh: A New Era appears to be a solid and thoughtfully done remaster, especially for fans of the original who are open to some modernization. While it might not satisfy the purists who crave the exact combat experience from the original, the streamlined mechanics and beautiful graphics make it a worthy pick-up for any city-building enthusiast. If you’re nostalgic but need a smoother experience devoid of old frustrations, this game is calling your name. Dive in and enjoy rebuilding ancient Egypt!

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