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In Against the Storm Demo, manage diverse settlements with roguelite elements to reclaim the wilderness for the Smoldering City amidst relentless storms. A must-try for city-building fans.
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In Against the Storm, you take on the role of the Viceroy, tasked by the Scorched Queen to reclaim the wilderness and uncover riches for the Smoldering City, civilization’s last refuge against the devastating Blightstorm. Unlike typical survival city builders that focus on a single city, this game requires you to construct a network of settlements inhabited by diverse fantasy races, each with unique needs and abilities. Roguelite elements ensure that resources, upgrades, and experience carry over between missions, adding layers of strategy and replayability. Manage Foxes, Beavers, Lizards, Humans, and Harpies, each with their own housing, culinary, and recreational preferences. Build raincoats, brew ale, and bake pies to keep morale high as storms threaten your settlements. Navigate a vast world map with multiple biomes, tackle various challenges, and collect meta-progression resources to upgrade the Smoldering City. Hundreds of gameplay modifiers and distinct biomes demand adaptive strategies, whether you delve deep into forests for treasures or cautiously manage resources. The Trader’s unpredictable wares add another layer of complexity. Continuously laying foundations for new cities keeps the gameplay exhilarating as you connect with and manage your established network of settlements.

Should I play Against the Storm Demo in 2024?

The good

Since there aren’t any user reviews available, we can’t dive into specific things players like about “Against the Storm Demo.” However, if you’re interested in a city-building roguelite with dark fantasy elements, this game might pique your curiosity. The premise of rebuilding civilization amidst never-ending storms is unique and can provide a fresh take on typical city-building games.

The bad

With no user reviews, it’s difficult to identify potential shortcomings. However, demo versions can sometimes be limited in scope, content, or polish, which may not reflect the final product.


Should you still buy or play this game in 2024? Given there’s no user feedback to lean on, if you’re a fan of city-building games with a twist, it might be worth giving the “Against the Storm Demo” a try. Demos are a great way to get a feel for a game without a financial commitment. Dive in and see if it scratches your strategic itch!

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