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Enter a world of VR rhythm gaming with OhShape Ultimate, a critically acclaimed game that promises a full-body workout experience. With addictive gameplay & regular updates, is it worth playing in 2024? A must-try for any gamer!
Fan-art of OhShape

Introducing OhShape Ultimate, a critically acclaimed Virtual Reality rhythm game that promises to give players a full-body workout experience like never before. Drawing inspiration from the popular Japanese TV show ‘Hole in the Wall’, OhShape requires players to punch, dodge, and dance their way through walls to the beat of an exhilarating soundtrack. The game, which is celebrating its 5th anniversary in 2024, offers an array of new content including a fitness album with 6 cardio sessions and 2 difficulty levels. It is designed to engage every muscle in your body while keeping you entertained. The game’s key features include over 40 stages with varying difficulty levels, a fun-filled party mode, a practice mode for perfecting your moves, and an easy-to-use level editor for creating custom songs. The game also offers a cross-platform online leaderboard for those seeking a challenge. With a modern, dynamic look and a user-friendly onboarding process, OhShape Ultimate is the perfect entry point into the world of VR rhythm games. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or a newbie, OhShape Ultimate promises a fun, immersive, and challenging gaming experience. Don’t forget to join the OhShape community on Discord for monthly challenges and exclusive updates.

Should I play OhShape in 2024?

The good

Users are raving about how addictive and enjoyable “OhShape” is, even those who generally prefer to stay sedentary in their comfy office chairs. The game seems to have a universal appeal, with players loving the experience so much that they dive right into it and even go for the DLCs. Additionally, the game performs flawlessly on the Index, adding to its accessibility and fun factor.

The bad

Not much to report here. There is no significant criticism from the users, which speaks volumes about the game’s quality.


Should you still buy or play “OhShape” in 2024? Absolutely! 🎉 With its engaging gameplay that even gets the most chair-loving people up and moving, along with solid performance on popular VR setups like the Index, “OhShape” is a must-have that will keep you entertained and active. Load it up, crank down the accuracy if you want, and just have fun! 🌟

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Screenshot of OhShape

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