Crazy Fishing - Buyer's Guide

Discover the quirky fishing game 'Frills, Gills and Spills' with addictive gameplay and immersive VR design. Explore scenic locations, catch 33 fish species, and personalize your home. But beware of dated graphics and a frustrating tutorial. Maybe invest your time, but newbies have better options.
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‘Frills, Gills and Spills’ transcends the traditional fishing game. Delve into a world rich with quirky details where you can eat diverse items, from chicken wings to mushrooms. Sell your fish for a handsome profit or grind it for other purposes. Explore the scenic landscape using a teleportation feature, and keep your inventory stocked. This game offers a clean, guts-free fishing experience, unlocking picturesque fishing locations for you to discover. Catch one of 33 distinct, interactive fish species and keep track of your achievements with the Fish ‘o’ Dex. The game’s VR design offers a comfortable and immersive experience, featuring realistic fishing rod mechanics. Purchase cosmetic items to enhance your gameplay, and compete on the Steam leaderboards to prove your angling prowess. Personalize your home and aquarium to reflect your style. ‘Frills, Gills and Spills’ blends humor with immersion, offering a truly unique gaming experience.

Should I play Crazy Fishing in 2024?

The Good

While players didn’t have kind words to say about the graphics, some enjoyed the simple yet addictive gameplay. The game’s concept of fishing, with a twist of magic, resonated with some.

The Bad

On the other hand, the low graphics and frustration with the tutorial were major turn-offs for many. It seems some players struggled to get started and lost interest due to these issues.


Will you still cast a line with Crazy Fishing in 2024? While the game has its charm, the dated graphics and frustrating tutorial may not be worth the investment. Unfortunately, this game is best left to the nostalgic gamers who remember its initial release. If you’re new to the fishing experience, there are better options out there.

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