Drunkn Bar Fight - Buyer's Guide

Experience chaotic co-op battles in Drunkn Bar Fight, smashing bottles, chairs, and more, but beware of game-breaking issues and consider holding off until fixed.
Fan-art of Drunkn Bar Fight

Drunkn Bar Fight is an outrageous and whimsical game that offers an immersive 4-player co-op experience. Players are invited to engage in hilariously chaotic brawls, hurling anything from bottles and darts to chairs at their adversaries. This riotous game allows you to indulge in socially frowned-upon behavior without the real-life consequences of hospital visits, jail time, or court appearances. The only boundaries to the chaos are your own imagination and sense of morality. Available for Arcades on SpringboardVR. Follow the mayhem on various social media platforms including Discord, Youtube, Reddit, Twitter, and Instagram.

Should I play Drunkn Bar Fight in 2024?

The good

It seems that the game was well-received by many players, with an overall sentiment leaning towards being positive. Unfortunately, the issue with the phone menu not working after the latest update has left a sour taste for some players.

The bad

The lack of functionality in the phone menu after the most recent update has made the game unplayable for some players, including the reviewer who experienced the issue with the HTC Vive.


Well, it looks like we’ve got a bit of a mixed bag on our hands. While the game might have been a blast in the past, the current state of the game is questionable. Unless the developer addresses this issue, I’d recommend holding off on buying or playing Drunkn Bar Fight. But hey, who knows? Maybe the developer is working on a fix, and this game could still be worth giving a shot in the future. Until then, it’s a hard pass.

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In-game Screenshot

Screenshot of Drunkn Bar Fight

Top image is not real in-game screenshots. Fan-art made by Gamer.se. Some game metadata is coming from RAWG