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Immerse in a thrilling VR experience as a superhero, jumping through iconic cities & facing motion sickness & simplicity concerns. Try it for a fun time, but be aware of potential issues.
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In a thrilling leap into the virtual reality realm, Endeavor One Inc. unveils JUMP, a pioneering large-scale VR jumping puzzle powered by SteamVR. Players are transported into a world where they harness the exhilarating rush of being a superhero, traversing through globally renowned metropolitan cities. The objective is straightforward: reach the pinnacle of the JUMP Tower with the least jumps. Upon victory, players can challenge their friends to beat their scores on the global leaderboards. Experience the sensation of leaping like a superhero across five iconic cities - Philadelphia, Detroit, Seattle, New York City, and Tokyo, in this innovative VR action/puzzle game. Further enhancing the immersive experience is a soundtrack by Seattle’s Hush Hush Record Label.

Should I play JUMP in 2024?

The good

The game has received praise for its immersive VR experience, with many reviewers enjoying the sense of jumping through a city in a virtual reality. The visuals and music are also described as polished and clean. Many reviewers found the gameplay to be fun and addictive, with some praising the challenge of trying to complete levels with as few jumps as possible.

The bad

However, some reviewers experienced motion sickness while playing the game, with a few even reporting headaches and nausea. One reviewer experienced judder while playing, making the game unplayable. Some reviewers found the game too basic and simple, with one criticizing the lack of depth in the gameplay.


Despite some criticisms regarding simplicity and motion sickness, the majority of reviewers enjoyed their time playing JUMP. For those looking for a fun and immersive VR experience, I would recommend giving JUMP a try. Just be aware of the potential for motion sickness and be prepared to adjust your settings accordingly.

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