Holdfast: Nations At War - Buyer's Guide

Immerse in historic naval and land clashes in this multiplayer game with a strong sense of community and quirky charm. Should you play it? Absolutely, despite some minor flaws.
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‘Holdfast: Nations At War’ immerses players in historic naval and land clashes, where they can engage as a part of an army or navy from different eras. The game features over 150 players per server battling for nations like the British Empire, French Empire, and more. With a choice between first-person roleplaying shooters and third-person experiences, this multiplayer game offers strategic engagements such as commanding ships in naval combat or leading infantry charges on land during iconic wars including World War One. Players can select from 26 classes with unique traits to ensure their team’s survival and customize their characters further by choosing heads, voices, and equipment unlockables.

Should I play Holdfast: Nations At War in 2024?

The good

The overall sentiment of the reviews is overwhelmingly positive. Players love the game’s immersive experience, with many mentioning the strong sense of community, fun combat, and great multiplayer mode. Many players praised the game’s ability to make them feel like they’re part of a team, with some even forming lasting bonds with fellow players.

The game’s soundtrack and sound effects also received praise, with many players enjoying the quirky and humorous tunes and sound effects. Players also appreciated the game’s accessibility and ease of use, with some citing its simplicity as a major plus.

The bad

Some players mentioned that they encountered toxic behavior and racist remarks from other players, which is unfortunate. Additionally, some players mentioned that the game’s naval battles were removed, which might be a disappointment for some.


Despite some minor flaws, the overall consensus is that Holdfast: Nations at War is a fantastic game that offers a unique and enjoyable experience. With its strong community, immersive gameplay, and quirky charm, it’s a great game for players looking for something new and exciting.

While some players did encounter toxic behavior, it’s clear that this is not a representative of the game’s overall experience. I would definitely recommend Holdfast: Nations at War to anyone looking for a fun and engaging multiplayer experience. Just be prepared for some silly humor and potential toxicity from some players.

Rating: 4.5/5 stars.

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Screenshot of Holdfast: Nations At War

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