World of Warships - Buyer's Guide

Explore the ultimate naval warfare game with stunning graphics and historical accuracy. Explore 12 national branches and ship tiers.
Fan-art of World of Warships

Embark on a naval odyssey in World of Warships, a free-to-play game that lets you command historic vessels from World War I and II in stunning detail. With 12 national branches and a comprehensive tier system, every player finds a place. Upgrade ships, commanders, and gear, and challenge friends or foes in co-op or competitive modes. The ultimate virtual naval museum awaits.

Should I play World of Warships in 2024?

The Good

Players are loving the immersive experience of commanding warships, praising the game’s attention to detail and historical accuracy. The graphics and sound design are also getting rave reviews, with many saying it’s visually stunning and visceral. The variety of ships and game modes is another strength, offering plenty of replayability.

The Bad

While the game is generally well-regarded, some players are complaining about the game’s matchmaking system, citing frustration with lag and unfair team compositions. A few others mention the game’s steep learning curve, particularly for new players.


In 2024, World of Warships remains a strong contender in the naval warfare genre. Despite some minor flaws, the game’s strong points – including its historical accuracy, engaging gameplay, and stunning visuals – outweigh the drawbacks. If you’re a fan of strategy and naval warfare, or simply looking for a unique gaming experience, World of Warships is still worth exploring. Just be prepared for a potentially steep learning curve, and don’t be afraid to adapt to changing team compositions.

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Screenshot of World of Warships

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