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Explore alternate histories in Hearts of Iron IV's latest expansion, By Blood Alone, with new focus trees, aircraft designer, and embargoes. Worth playing? Read reviews to decide.
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Hearts of Iron IV’s latest expansion, By Blood Alone, introduces a rich tapestry of alternate histories and gameplay diversity for Italy, Ethiopia, and Switzerland. Players can experience the tumultuous journey of Mussolini’s Italy or venture into uncharted territories with new focus trees that include monarchy restoration, communism, and various contenders vying for leadership. Ethiopia’s narrative shines as they resist Italian invasion or build a Government in Exile to reclaim their nation. Switzerland’s unique position allows players to masterfully navigate neutrality amidst powerful neighbors. The expansion also brings novel peace conference options, aircraft designer capabilities for custom planes, unit medals recognizing division achievements, an embargo interaction affecting world trade dynamics, and stunning new models for both ground and air units.

Should I play Expansion - Hearts of Iron IV: By Blood Alone in 2024?

The good

The DLC has been praised by one reviewer for being a refreshing addition to the game, providing a new and challenging experience, especially for minor nations. The aircraft designer is also considered a great addition. One reviewer even mentions that it’s worth it to buy the DLC for the chance to build the Roman Empire or conquer Africa as Ethiopia.

The bad

The DLC has been criticized by some for being overpriced, with not enough new features. The aircraft designer, while fun, is considered forced and makes the game more complicated. One reviewer considers the DLC to be broken and wonders why the developers don’t fix the issues. Some players criticize the peace deal mechanic for being poorly designed.


Overall, it seems that opinions are divided on the quality of this DLC. One reviewer loved it, while others were not impressed. If you’re a hardcore fan of the game and have thousands of hours invested, like one reviewer, you might enjoy the new features and gameplay possibilities. However, for casual players, the price might be too steep for the small additions. If you’re new to the game, you might want to wait for a sale or a more comprehensive update.

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