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Explore historical empires, manage relationships, and forge a lasting legacy in Old World. With its fresh take on the 4X genre, Old World has promising ideas, but falls short in execution.
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Old World is an immersive historical strategy game that lets players guide their empire through several generations, leaving behind a lasting legacy. Set in a time of iconic leaders, you have the opportunity to be remembered as a respected or feared ruler. Politics and family dynamics play a significant role in the game, where marriage alliances and nurturing of heirs become critical. Each of the seven kingdoms in the game houses four noble families that provide specific benefits when overseeing your cities. Maintaining good relationships with these families through various events, actions, and marriages is essential. Be warned, however, that displeasing them or giving them too much power could lead to their wrath.

The game boasts a variety of characters, each with unique personalities, strengths, and weaknesses. Recruiting famous warriors, philosophers, and builders can help you strengthen your kingdom, defend your territories, and build connections with other leaders. The characters evolve over time, gaining new traits and personalities, and eventually passing away, making room for the next generation.

The world of Old World is teeming with unsettled tribes, barbarian marauders, and remnants of ancient cultures. Players can discover artifacts and legendary heroes at ruins scattered across the map. The game features over 3,000 unique events inspired by history and mythology. Interaction with foreign dignitaries can trigger event chains, stories, and courtroom drama.

Old World offers a fresh perspective on the 4X strategy genre. It introduces new concepts like shared resources across your realm and randomized technology trees. The game also provides quality of life improvements, like the ability to undo commands and nested tooltips. Multiplayer modes and a Grammy-nominated soundtrack add to the game’s appeal. Finally, the game’s modding capabilities open up infinite possibilities for new worlds, empires, and dynasties, inspired by both reality and fiction.

Should I play Old World in 2024?

The Good

The reviewer praises the game’s atmosphere, music, and portrait art, stating that they are excellent. They also appreciate the game’s focus on leaders, legacy, and inheritance, which adds a new layer of depth to the game. The reviewer also mentions that the game’s setting, focusing on pre-classical civilizations, is a fresh take on the 4X genre.

The Bad

The reviewer has several criticisms of the game. They state that the game’s late-game gameplay is unengaging, with the AI becoming overpowered and the game descending into a “simply a grind to see who can roll the numbers better”. They also criticize the game’s scoring system, which they claim is impossible to win at without exploiting certain mechanics.


Based on the reviews, it seems that Old World has some promising ideas, but falls short in execution. While the game’s atmosphere and music are excellent, the reviewer’s criticisms of the game’s late-game gameplay and scoring system are significant. As a result, I would not recommend purchasing Old World at its current price. However, if the game goes on sale or is significantly updated to address the reviewer’s criticisms, it might be worth considering for fans of the 4X genre.

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