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Explore Old World - Behind the Throne, a game of royal court intrigue with new events, mechanics, and historic characters. Worth considering for fans of the series.
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Old World - Behind the Throne, a game filled with royal court intrigues, provides players with an opportunity to exercise their power through opulence projects that inch them closer to victory. This game brings historical figures to life, presenting them as advisors, aristocrats, and courtiers, each with their own set of ambitions and desires. Players must navigate the challenges of shifting allegiances and possible betrayals. The game’s complexity extends to city management, which can be entrusted to others, but with the risk of creating power-hungry rivals. The game includes over 350 new events, focusing on court politics and personal ambitions. The characters range from the infamous Athenian statesman Alcibiades to the Persian philosopher Avicenna. New gameplay mechanics introduce ‘Rising Stars’, influential characters who can become either threats or allies. The ‘Stress & Revelry’ feature allows rulers to indulge in pleasures to cope with stress. ‘The Grand Vizier’ mechanic offers the option to delegate city management to Viziers, each with their own management style based on their personalities. But beware, the lure of power may tempt a trusted Vizier to usurp your throne. The game also introduces ‘New Political Eras’, bringing additional challenges like civil wars and periods of corruption. In Old World - Behind the Throne, the court’s intrigues can either be your downfall or your pathway to victory, with the balance of power constantly shifting both in front of and behind the throne.

Should I play Old World - Behind the Throne in 2024?

The good

Many players appreciate how the “Behind the Throne” DLC adds substantial depth to an already engaging 4X game. The over 350 new events are a big hit, injecting more flavor and variety into the gameplay. Players are loving the additional layers of court intrigues and the new mechanics introduced, which evidently make the game feel more fleshed out and dynamic. The sheer amount of content at a reasonable price of $10 has further impressed many. Additionally, the internal political dynamics and new historical characters have won over fans who enjoy the narrative aspects of the game.

The bad

While the new mechanics are generally well-received, some players have expressed concerns over the Grand Vizier position, which they feel takes away too much player control. The historical inaccuracy of introducing a Grand Vizier in the Antiquity period has also raised eyebrows. There are complaints that the Grand Vizier can make undesirable production decisions, which may detract from the gameplay experience for those who prefer a hands-on approach.


Should you still buy or play this game in 2024? Absolutely! 🎮 “Old World - Behind the Throne” may have its quirks, especially with the controversial Grand Vizier mechanic, but the positive sentiment and richness it brings to the 4X experience are undeniable. If you relish deep, narrative-driven strategy games, this DLC is bound to add significant value to your sessions. Dive in, embrace the court intrigues, and may your empire thrive! 🌟

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